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Tigers 11, Twins 6, tonite. GO TIGS! Mr. Inge is looking as good as they get too. 3RBI's, solo homer too. Nuf said? Little late, after last seasons ending, but looking better all the time!
So long Ernie Harwell..... it was fun!

Although i'm not a big baseball fan, I did enjoy listening to Ernie call games... he was truly one of the best announcers out there, bar none. Needless to say, they don't make 'em like him anymore... when they made Ernie, they broke the mold after him because there could only be one Ernie Harwell! We can only imagine what the next game he calls is going to be like, he'll be announcing some of the biggest names... Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Don Drysdale, Roger Maris and many many others... that's going to he a great game!

God speed Ernie..........
And that ball is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng Gooooooooooooooone! Only one for sure Dave, and did he pass on now, didn't hear?
Yeah, he passed yesterday at the place he'd been living at. Sounded like he was ready for death when it happened, saying that he had a good life and looked forward to what would lay next for him in the afterlife.
At the new Comerica Tiger Stadium, there's a swell bronze statue dedicated to Ernie Harwell with inscribed dates of his service and memorial to him already. Don't miss it if you go this summer in case you haven't seen it already. Tell your friends too.
I was going to take a pic of the statue when I was there last September but my batteries finally died after a long weekend of taking pics. I just read that they are going to have a public viewing that people can attend at Comerica Park tomorrow from 7am til Midnight.. it will be near where the statue sits.

The last video was removed from Youtube so here's a different tribute video....

I think the bronze statue was and is a beautiful tribute to the man. It will be there for all the fans of the past and hopefully the future fans that did not get to appreciate a true legend in sports broadcasting. I'm sure Mr. Harwell is looking down in appreciation and awe of his accomplishments, he was a very humble man for sure.
A guy that went to my high school, think he was a year behind me, got to do an internship with the Tigers back in '91 and worked with Ernie quite a bit. He said the Ernie was quite a gentleman and a very decent guy as we have all been able to see and hear through his many broadcast.
His humility and simple yet complete knowledge of all aspects of the game and the ability to communicate them in an entertaining manner should be available for all future generations of baseball fans.

When growing up, we had few televised games in my area, but you never felt cheated from actually 'seeing' what was happening at the game when you listened to Ernie Harwell. There was no one better at his craft.
There have been many great sportscasters over the years, Harry Caray, Howard Cosell, Chick Hearn, Mel Allen, Jack Buck among others.... there was no one like Ernie though. Maybe we have a little more pride in Ernie cause he was our sportscaster but he still was one of the best.
Not to get off track with the talk of Ernie Harwell here, but I did want to share a little story regarding Harry Caray.

Back in I think '92, I had decided to go down to Chicago to see a Metallica concert and ended up having a young lady go with me that was a friend of mine. We got down there plenty early and after doing a little checking around to try and find something to do, I saw that the Cubs had a home game and that we'd have plenty of time to get back in time for the concert. Of course she wasn't a baseball fan but went along anyway since I was paying. We got our seats which turned out to be about 5 rows behind the catcher and sat and were enjoying the game. The 7th Inning Stretch came and of course this is when Harry would lean out the window to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballpark". So we're sitting there and the crowd is singing along and she looks back up at Harry and ask "Who's he?" I'm like, that is Harry Caray... a legend.... she's like "Oh"... don't think she was overly impressed with him... lol. The game of course ended up going into extra innings so we left before it was over of course. On the upside, after the concert and waiting around for a bit we were able to meet all the guys in Metallica who turned out to be pretty cool guys.


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