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Tig's clinch Central Division today with 3-1 win over Athletics. Hooray for our Tigers, we might go to the Big Dance now, or will we? Time will tell us.
Doggone Rangers, up 2-0 with that 11th inning grand slam too by Kelly, sad, but it's not over yet, right Dave? Hope the TX. team goofs up now........time for the Tigs. to
Looks bad tonite, 15-5 Tx. Rangers. maybe next year?

It's too bad Scherzer didn't have his best stuff, or at least have a little more luck.  Few teams have quality long relief, and this showed in both playoff series for the Tigers. 

Should be another good year next year I think unless they change the team drastically for the worst.

I was hoping the Brewers would take over where the Tigs ended, but not to happen, sadly, we have the Cardinals now vs. the Rangers, and I refuse to root for either team. But it should be a good World Series with these two powerhouses.

Cardinals win an anti-climactic game 7 by the score of 6-2.  You had to like them after game 6, coming down to their last bats a couple of times.  Sorry Texas, you choked. 

Congrats St. Louis, I only wish you could have played the Tigers again.

Major League baseball is back in a big way!  Justin Verlander pitched scoreless inning after inning, and the Tigers led 2-0 going into the ninth, and put Jose Valverde in for the save, never having failed to save any game since 2010.  Ouch-- he gives up two runs in the ninth and blows the save, but the Motown Maulers battle back in the bottom of that inning and win on a bases loaded single.  Only 161 more to go.

Those Tigs are hot again, and in first place too. The schedule ahead is more Cleveland, Boston, and Toronto, should be pretty easy, if they keep up the good work. Been watching Dave? Thanks.

With Verlander pitching seven quality innings before leaving with a 6-0 lead in the eighth (while the relievers made it interesting giving up a grand slam in the eighth) that withstood a comeback by the Twins, coupled with a Chicago White Sox loss, puts the Tigers up two games with four to go, making their magic number 3.  They will likely see New York or Baltimore in the playoffs if they survive.   Cross your fingers-- unless you're on their relief corps.

The Tigers finished strong for the second year in a row and took the Central Division last night with a victory, against the wishes of the pesky Chisox.  With a couple games left, they can rest some of their talent for the playoffs.

With Verlander pitching against a rookie, a loss would have been devastating today, but the Tigers came out with the three in a 3-1 game, Verlander getting the win Valverde the save, with a solo dinger by Avila.  They win the first in this best of five series against Oakland.

It's OFFICIAL, Verlander gets a shut-out, and TIGS win, 6-0, and go on to the AL Championship now, Hooray for Our Team!


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