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Glad to see the Tigers win.. hope they can take the Series

It'd be great to see a rematch of 2006 in the World Series, but St. Louis still has to win their deciding game to keep up.  It would be nice to see the Yanks in the next round, because I think the Tigers do match favorably with them. 

Hopefully, Detroit's most glaring weakness this year (the bullpen) can sit on their hands like they did last night for the rest of the season.  I can't remember Detroit ever having so strong of a starting rotation.  Verlander and Scherzer (the Er-er duo) leading the leagues 1-2 in strikeouts this year, and Fister striking out an American League record nine in a row in one game. 

Tigers win tonight, err, this morning, 6-4 after 12 innings. Tigs had it made 4-0 until the bottom of the 9th when the yanks started to go crazy and tie it last minute. However, our boys prevailed, whew, had me sweating for the last 1-1/2 hours.

TIG'S win again tonight, 2-1, and Verlander was fantastic again. That's 3-0 for the Tig's over the Damn Yanks now, hopefully going on to the WS! Yeah! I luv those guys when they play their hearts out like this series.

It was final about 9pm tonight, the Tigs are World Series bound, 4-0 in the Damn Yanks series, tonight winning 8-1 in regulation time. I bet those Detroiters are going to whoop it up tonight. Now on to being World Champs again, yes, we're not dreaming, it's our own TIGERS, YEAH for our Team!

TIG's lose World Series opener, sad, 8-3 with Giants winning. Get this, Pablo Sandaval, a Giant, hits 3hr's in 3 times at bat, ties only other 3 players in history to hit this many in WS playoffs, only 3 ties for this were the Babe, Reggie, and Albert Guhos many years ago. Now..... on to tomorrow nite for more action and a win!

Nothing to do about celebrations tonight, Tig's lost it, and the WS in 4 quick games. Not that they didn't have chances to win, and fought with vigor and virtue to the bitter end, ahead for a while, ok, Giants are the best this year, but, there's always 2013, right? Bless Our TIGERS! The BEST! Almost this year. I'm proud anyhew!

The Detroit Tigers pulled off an impressive come from behind victory tonight by rallying for their first six runs in the bottom of the ninth against the hapless Chicago White Sox, tying the game at six and then won it in the bottom of the twelfth.  With eight games to play, their magic number is at two, and so they could clinch the division tomorrow with a victory and Cleveland loss.   

Be nice if the Tigers can come through and win the World Series this year... been so close at times only to be denied.

Dittos Dave!

Tigers win, they get into the playoffs as Central Division Champs.  Scherzer gets win 21, and wins 1-0.

Yup, bout time too.


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