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Tigers beat the Yankees last nite in 12 innings, 4-3. Alex Avila makes a great home run to win it. Same two teams to play tonight. 

Tigers win tonight, 5-2? Finally tripped up the Yanks for a change. 


Rick Porcello would have had another shutout with the exception of one of the Yanks yanking out two solo HRs.  Tiger bats remained alive against the NYY's best pitcher.

Tig's are in the postseason now, hurray for the Detroit Tig's! 

With a little help from Chicago tonight (beating the KC Royals), Detroit could clinch the Central Division with a win over Minnesota.  The royals would do better as wild cards anyway since Kings and Queens (royals) are part of the deck.

I don't usually critique baseball managers, but after yesterday's playoff game between the Tigers and Baltimore Orioles, I just can't help myself.  Your team is behind 1-0 in a five game playoff series playing away from home and has a 6-3 lead headed into the eighth, and you really have no bullpen as witnessed by the shelling of your bullpen in that same eighth inning the previous night.  You made a right choice in your first reliever by using dominant starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez, who pitches two sharp and perfect innings of relief, he hasn't even faced the batters due up.  So what do you do, Tiger Manager Brad Ausmus?

Do you keep Sanchez in for at least one more inning?  Or do you bring in the exact same relievers who got shelled for eight runs the previous night?  Do you even bother with looking at the matchups?  When Ausmus brought Chamberlin in, I did something I haven't done lately, I was screaming at the TV and somehow knew the game was over.  Chamberlin has sucked in relief for months now, and in the playoffs and down, you don't continue with experiments that keep failing, against a line-up that does good against pitchers like Chamberlin. 

Not content with Chamberlin allowing three men on base, one by being hit by a pitch, they bring in Soria who was responsible for most of the runs the previous night.  He is just a little more effective this time as he allows a base clearing double.  The Tigers fall 7-6, and the only one to blame for the loss is the manager-- and give some credit to the rally-killing third base coach who waved Cabrera to go home with no outs on a Victor Martinez double the previous inning.


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