As with comics, most of us have seen at least one movie in our life that was based on a comic or Superhero.... what are some of your favorite movies?

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Here's a short list of some of my favorites:

Superman Returns (I know it wasn't as popular or as good as a few of the other Superman movies but I still enjoyed it, thought the guy they got to play Superman did a great job)
Superman: The Movie & Superman II
Batman, Batman Returns
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight
Spider Man I, II & III
The Hulk (The most recent version)

I am mostly into the DC & Marvel comics, never really got into the stuff from the companies like Dark Horse and stuff. My brother I think got into that stuff a lot more... he was always more of the comic fan anyway though. I do have both of the original KISS Comics that they made back in the late 70's though.. not sure what they are worth now but I know the first one was worth over $100 for a long time.
I see you mentioned Kick Ass, I enjoyed that one too.. seen it twice. Did you watch the Losers? I hadn't realized that was based on a comic as well. I enjoyed that movie as well, if ya haven't watched it yet, might be worth seeing.
Its cool that on Sirius radio they have a station that plays old radio serials. Once in awhile they will do special weekends or days where they have a topic. I'm sure they have had The Shadow serials on there at some point or another.
Have you folks forgot:

Howard the Duck
Swamp Thing
TFTC: Bordello of Blood
Conan, Red Sonja (popularized in comics)

Cheesy, B-movies that were somewhat entertaining based on comic books.
Creepshow was a good flick.. I remember seeing that at a theater back when it came out. Always enjoyed that one.
I too have a list of favs. I could type up here. But, I think the last best pic. with the most stars for me was Dick Tracy. Beatty really did a good job on that one.


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