I am curious, we have Napa, Auto Value, Advance auto, Auto Zone and Mason Co Auto Parts(Auto value as well) in Scottville.

I don't care so much about it but we have so many already I have a hard time believing it is a good decision to come into such an over saturated (IMO) market already. Just seems like 6 auto part stores is a lot for this county, I suppose they may do okay but idk, seems risky if i was looking for expansion to pick this market.

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I dont see how Lowes and Home Depot both make a living there.  And Dunhams planted between Meiers and Walmart.  But Im glad they all do.  I have wondered how so many chain auto parts stores can stay in business before this but those guys know more than us.

Just a quick question? Are any of the auto stores in town not franchised or part of a chain?

no, I think mason county auto parts in scottville is not an actual auto value store but a franchise to use the name and sell the brand products but not like the ludington one, it was Joynts auto many years ago and then moved from s. main in scottville to the highway and changed names


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