It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Well, maybe not this time. Prior to the Sugar Bowl match-up between Georgia and Texas, tensions got the better of University of Texas mascot Bevo. As the media gathered by his make shift pen, they brought University of Georgia Macsot Uga X over for a photo op. Little did anyone know, Bevo was “game ready” and was not having anything to do with picture time. Bevo went into “beast mode”, broke through his pen and went after Uga X. Both Uga X and photographers scrambled to get out of his path. No one was injured and Uga X survived without a scratch. The brief scene added for some wonderful color commentary which the game announcers took full advantage. Youtube has several videos of the incident. All ended well and good, except for the people at PETA.

PETA is calling for the end to all “live” animal mascots at college games. “It’s no surprise that a skittish steer would react to a perceived threat by charging, and PETA is calling on the University of Texas and the University of Georgia to learn from this dangerous incident, retire their live-animal mascots, and stick to the talented costumed mascots who can lead cheers, react to the crowd, and pump up the team,” PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said in a statement.
Texas went on to win the game 28-21.

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Some might call "Bevogate" Karma.

Maybe, just maybe, bulls really don't like the color red, or the letter "G".  I say we should have more mascot interaction, this one showed which team came to play and to win.


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