I know there is already a place for pics, here's another spot for some pics.. you know the drill, just keep them somewhat respectable is all I ask

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A few of my backstage passes from my concert travels

This could be taken the wrong way.

Gotcha Fishy! Let's Go FISHING~@!
I think there is a double-entendre or two in this BK ad.

X, those BK burgers taste like cardboard to me. Nice OJ pic Dave. Did he ever go back to prison anyhow, I never kept up with that scenario after he stole his trophys back. Thanks.
Yeah, he's spending some time in the Iron bar motel. I forget how long he'll be in there but it will be a little while anyway.
Last I heard he had something like time of 7-15 years hanging over his head. With 7 as a minimum w/o parole or so. I don't know if you remember him in football and Hertz, he was quite the celebrity, kinda like Tiger was till recent.

That 2nd pic 'quacked' me up


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