I just went and saw 21 Jump Street - if you are looking for a tear inducing, gasping for air laugh this is the movie to see.

Now you might be skeptical, I know I was. I had seen trailers for it and had decided it was definitely a wait till Red Box movie. But tonight a friend wanted to go and he was paying.

I had never watched the tv show (I believe it was somewhat of a drama) but the movie is more like a spoof of it. So if you are looking for a good laugh I give this 2 thumbs up.

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Thanks for the tip, Lisa, I needed to find a couple of movies to watch during spring break, and now I need only one.  My roommate in college would watch this show regularly.  Any more info on what the rating is and the nature of the humor for my movie companions sake.

I'm gonna see this either later today or on Tuesday.. haven't decided yet. From what I hear though, its just as Lisa mentions.

As far as other recent movies to check out X, you might try John Carter if you want something sci-fi/fantasy oriented.. saw that a few days ago and thought it was decent enough.. no Star Wars or anything like that of course but it was worthwhile. Act Of Valor was a decent action/war movie.. if you hadn't heard much about it before, the stars of the movie are all actual NAVY SEALS. The acting isn't Oscar quality but that's to be expected given the regular jobs of the stars... action wise though, it was pretty decent. If you want something a more family friendly, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island wasn't bad.. was actually a bit better then I expected. Its based on the stories of Jules Verne and touches on a few of them through the movie. Lastly, if you want something that has a bit more adult humor, This Means War was pretty good, I enjoyed that quite a bit. Its basically 2 friends that are both spys that fall for the same woman.

Hope that helps X!

John Carter is a good choice, I think.  I just hope it stays around until the end of the month.


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