Well just got back from seeing the Avengers in 3D - Another great Marvel movie. Had everything I look for in a movie - Action and comedy. Personally I think Iron man was the star, but I am biased I love Robert Downey Jr.

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It indeed was an awesome movie, could really make a case for it being the best comic based movie made so far. As you mentioned it had plenty of action and comedy plus a decent story and plenty of special effects to make most any sci fi fan happy. Plenty of funny lines and quips in the movie, one of my favorites is when Captain America turns to the Hulk and says "Hulk..... Smash!". My cousin and I have both seen the movie 3 times already... pretty much shows that we don't have a real life.. haha.. I went to a midnight show Thurs night, then a IMAX 3D showing the following afternoon and then again yesterday on my day off... and I'll probably see it at least a few more times before its all over with.

The movie really does have something to offer most anybody which hasn't hurt the amount of money its taken in so far. Its a good date movie as the guys will like the action, the girls the guys in the costumes plus a strong female character in the Black Widow.

You guys got my interest now, I gotta go see it too real soon. When I do, I hope I can match up to your reviews as well. Thanks.

Its one of the few movies I've seen where the audience actually claps at the end because they have enjoyed the film.

There are a couple additional scenes too... one about 2 or so minutes into the ending credits and then after all the credits are done, there is a brief scene. Admittedly the last scene has little to do with anything... you'd simply have to see it to see what I mean or message me and I'll tell you, don't want to give it away.

I liked when the Hulk and Thor were fighting off some bad guys and when they ran out of guys to hit The hulk socked Thor in the head. I didn't stay to see additional scenes in the credits - when I go again I will have to stay and watch.

The first additional scene has something to do with a future film, presuming a Avengers sequel.

That part with Thor and the Hulk was good... also when Hulk and Loki are in Tony Straks apartment was good too, possibly my favorite scene in the movie even.

Yeah that was pretty funny, I'm going to go again later in the week, completely awesome movie.

Tonight I just bought the DVD The Avengers, it's on sale at Meijers for $16.99 if anyone wants their own copy. I will be watching the 143 minute film for the first time, didn't get to the theater earlier, so, I look forward to seeing what Lisa and Dave say is great, thanks guys.

Has anyone made it out to see the  new Captain America flick?  I heard it has an underlying anti-NSA feel to it, which makes it a bold entrant into the usual super hero movie genre.  Plus my favorite Michigan politician Justin Amash gives it a thumbs up:

Congressman Justin Amash, (R-MI) is a big fan of the new Captain America movie, pointing out that the message of the movie aligned very well with his own views on politics.

“I like Captain America and actually the most recent movie was fantastic,” Amash said during a WOOD Radio interview on the The Justin Barclay Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Amash said that the movie directed a strong warning of the dangers government surveillance, suggesting that his Republican primary opponent would have sided with the bad guys in the film.

“It really was right up my alley in terms of the message. It was directed at people like my opponent, frankly, who think you need to monitor every single American in the country, that the Fourth Amendment doesn’t matter - it was directed at those people.”

Amash is in a primary battle for his congressional seat, facing Republican businessman Brian Ellis. Ellis has campaigned against Amash’s principled stance on surveillance issues, particularly his fight to reform the National Security Agency

During the interview, Amash was asked by Barclay if he felt that he was being monitored for opposing invasive surveillance programs under the NSA.

“I suspect that I’m being monitored, but you know every American is being tracked right now,” he said, calling the practice “extremely dangerous” for Americans.

“The founders would be outraged if they found out what we were doing today,” he said, promising to continue fighting to improve the system.

“If I get a little extra scrutiny in the process, then so be it,” he said.


I've seen it.... 3 times... lol.... If you enjoyed the first Captain America film then you'll enjoy this one as well. As far as the plot goes, Amash isn't far off, it does basically deal with some people in the government not being who they appear to be. Definitely worth checking out, specially in IMAX 3D.


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