Here's the spot to talk about your favorite or most hated NFL teams. I'm a Lions fan, not sure why some days.. lol... but I still support them regardless.

Anyway, feel free to talk trash if ya want... its all in good fun!

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When I read this I wasn't real sure if this was a good deal or not. After reading the story and a few of the comments in the comment section, it actually does make sense. The Lions are down one TE due to Fitzsimmons retiring and last years 1st round draft pick Pettingrew is in the process of recovering from a ACL injury so at the moment the TE spot is weak. Tony Scheffler is a more then qualified TE, good receiver and half way decent blocker. I like the thought of Scheffler lined up on one side and Pettingrew on the other. Should give them more running options along with both of them being more then able to catch the ball too.

The Lions have been fairly active this off season and I tend to think that they are making some smart moves.... which of course is something I never thought i'd hear myself say.... lol.

Lions Trade Ernie Sims for TE

The Lions have acquired tight end Tony Scheffler and a seventh-round pick from Denver and sent linebacker Ernie Sims to Philadelphia as part of a three-team trade, the Eagles have confirmed.

The Eagles sent a fifth-round pick (137th overall) to Denver. The seventh-rounder the Lions received is the 220th overall pick. They now have four seventh-round picks in the draft.

“Ernie Sims is an impact player at the linebacker position,” Philadelphia coach Andy Reid said on the Eagles’ official Web site. “He brings a lot of energy to our already energized defense. We are looking forward to adding him to our team.”

Lions spokesman Bill Keenist said the team had nothing to confirm or announce at this time. But the Lions generally do not confirm trades until they are official – including the passing of physicals – and general manager Martin Mayhew has been extremely active this off-season while trying to rebuild the team’s talent base.

Scheffler, 27, played at Chelsea High and Western Michigan. He has spent four years with the Broncos and caught 31 passes for 416 yards and two touchdowns last season.

Tight end is a need because Brandon Pettigrew, the No. 20 overall pick last year, is recovering from a torn ACL and Casey Fitzsimmons retired because of concussions.

Sims, the ninth overall pick in 2006, took heat for his performance last season – in contrast to DeAndre Levy, a third-round pick last year, who drew praise.

But while there were rumblings Sims could be traded, the Lions talked as if Sims would return. And when Larry Foote left as a free agent, it looked like Sims would remain as a starter on the outside while Levy would start in the middle.

The Lions now might need to add a linebacker in the draft Thursday though Saturday.

Sims, drafted to fit the weak side in the Tampa Two defense, struggled with a new defensive scheme and a shoulder injury early in 2009. When he got more comfortable and healthy, he started to play well. Then he suffered a hamstring injury and missed four games. Sims looked strong Dec. 20 against Arizona.

“I’m back,” Sims said then. “I’m back on track. I’m ready to finish this season the way I intended to – with a big bang.”

Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham said Sims wasn’t perfect against the Cardinals – missing a couple of tackles – but Sims and safety Louis Delmas were the best players on defense. Delmas returned an interception 101 yards for a touchdown.

“We are excited to acquire Ernie Sims,” Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman said on the Eagles’ Web site. “He plays fast, he's aggressive and his style is a great fit for our defensive scheme. He is a leader who was a team captain for the Lions and we are eager to see what he can do in our defense.”
Dave, didn't you know the Lions have had a curse on the team since way back when? 1957? I was raised a GB Packer fan, since GM Thompson dumped Favre, I've also been a Vikings fan this past season. One game shy of the big dance for the seasoned QB. I know he'll return this season, just hope he doesn't chat with the media too much about it. GB did well too, although Rogers can't play under playoff conditions yet, he's coming along. Here's my favs.: 1st) the Pack and Vikings, tied, 2) Steelers, 3) Jaguars, 4) Dolfins. I also have a weakness for the Chargers and Colts. But, not any big $$$$ teams like NY or LA. My cousin and I have been going to Ford Field the last 3 September games when Lions play GB at home, about mid-month. First time it cost $365 for two tickets, the last time we opted for good but more economical seats, about $220. Beer costs $7/bottle, hotdogs like $4.50, so eat and drink before the game, or on the way, unless you like wasting big money for food/drink. Btw, if you haven't been to Ford Field or Comerica Park yet, it's worth the drive. Both are fantastic new stadiums with everything state of the art pleasure palaces.
I've been to a couple Lions games.. vs Denver a couple years ago (they blew the Broncos out, think it was the next to last game the Lions won before the loosing streak) and then I went to the Redskins game last season that they also won. Tickets to the Broncos game were harder to come by since they had had a half way decent season that season up to that time. Game was sold out but they always have some returned tickets so I was able to secure a ticket for $70 that was like 12 rows from the field about the 15 yard line. Last game the tickets were a lot easier to find since they hadn't won in over a year. Scalpers had plenty and were selling below face value usually. I ended up with a $82 ticket for $60... 6 rows off the field between where the Lions enter the field at and their bench. Had a good time both times. A few days after I went to the Lions game I also hit a Tigers game at Comerica, first time there. Had a decent seat as well for that, 6 rows off the 1st base line. Tigers lost that one but it went into extra innings.
Dave, remind me to ask you for tickets the next time they play GB or the Vikings. You surely have better connections than my high priced ones. And your seating is simply incredible for that price. I went thru Stubhub? the first time and last time thru the Lions ticket office. Both are way too expensive.
Well, the 2nd Lions game I bought from a scalper... lol... as long as the Lions suck the tickets to most of their games will be on the cheaper side. Unfortunately, the Packers game is one of the few games they can sell a lot of tickets too. The Vikings game can be a good seller too if Favre is playing... think last year it was one of the few games that they were any where near to selling out. It doesn't hurt to check out Stub Hub though, I almost bought a ticket through there but when I was going to check out, I was having some issues and couldn't complete the sale. I'd get a message to keep trying and that the system would hopefully be available shortly. When I was finally able to get back going again, the ticket I wanted was gone. I emailed them and explained the situation and got back some BS about having to have this or that set. I was a bit ticked but in the end, it worked out as I got a great seat. I probably ended up on TV too, never did watch the game though to find out. I do know that a young lady with a baby strapped to the front of her though made it on. I turned on ESPN after I got back to the hotel and she was one of the first people I saw on the highlights. Another place you might try is Craig's List, specially the last week before the game. Its usually around that time when you'll see more tickets become available as some people will have to sell theirs due to having to go out of town or something. The weekend of the game sometimes you can get some really good deals as some people will get desperate to sell.

I do want to go to another game this season, will see how things go. I'd love to do what I did last season... besides the Lions and Tigers game I went too on the aformentioned trip, I also went to the Michigan vs Indiana game at the Big House.... which I had another decent seat too.... and I actually got it from the U of M box office. I'm sure it helped that I was just looking for a single seat. I ended up 12 rows off the field, just above the left side of the "M" on the field. The tunnel where the teams enter and exit the field was like 15' to my left. If I can remember, I think i'll start a picture thread that we can post pictures that we've taken or just post pic's of our favorite athletes/teams.
The deal to pick up Scheffler is looking like a good deal so far.. Scheffler and Pettigrew have combined to be the best TE combo in the league so far this season and surely one of the reasons why the Lions have been in every game so far. While they haven't won but one game 5 weeks into the season, they been close in almost every one, losing by 6, 5 and 2 points... the Vikings game was the only game they didn't have a shot to win it at the end. I think the team has made some serious improvements and its showing on the field.. putting themselves into positions at the end of games to at least have a shot at a win is great... hopefully it will translate into more wins at the end. It was great to see the Lions kick the Rams but last weekend, wish I would of went to the game as I had thought about doing... specially when I saw on Stub Hub that there was a 2nd row ticket that I could of picked up for less then $40... those seats usually go for closer to $80 or more dollars.
I'm a football fan, but I'm kinda from a different planet though... lol I'm still not sure who all the teams of Michigan are. I'm from Eastern PA, & spent most of my life in a little town just north of Philly.... so I'm an Eagles fan!
The Lions this season are thankfully not looking like the Lions of old. While their record doesn't show it, the team this year has done quite well all things considered. Losing your starting QB before half time of the first game for 6 weeks isn't a good start and throw in a few injuries here and there and you have the makings of a disaster. Instead though, the Lions have clawed and worked and been in every game this season.. loosing most games by less then a TD. Winning 2 of the last 3 games and putting a bunch of points up on the board is showing that the team is headed in the right direction. The defense has played very well considering that they were not expected to be competitive this year. The defensive line in particular has played extremely well... the rookie Suh has had an outstanding rookie campaign so far with 5 sacks, 1 INT and 1 Fumble recovery returned for a TD as well as a bunch of tackles to boot... at this point he would seem to be the leading candidate for defensive rookie of the year.

Hopefully the team continues to do well as I am planning to take in one of the upcoming games... just have to decide which one I want to go to. Kind of leaning right now at taking in the Bears/Lions game in early December when the Bears visit Ford Field. Hopefully I can get great seats again as I have the last few times i've went to a game.
I agree Dave, the Lions are definitely on a more successful course, but, they still aren't contenders. Nowthen, I'm a big GB Packer fan, and right now, they have had a lot of ups and downs too, and certainly don't seem like contenders to me either. That Bears/Lions game should be a very good one indeed, hope you get your tickets early, could be a real sell-out soon.
The Vikings play the Cardinals today, hoping Favre is healthy enough to get the job done. Then, SNF in the evening, GB hosts Dallas, a shootout for Rogers and Romo I do hope, with GB leading the league at 5-3, hoping the Pack will be 6-3 later tonight. Dallas has been cold this season so far, hope they stay that way.
Romo is out... John Kitna, the Lions starter from a few years ago is playing QB for them now. Romo broke his collar bone a few weeks ago. Should still be a lot of passing as far as Dallas goes though, the Cowgirls...errr... Cowboy's running game has sucked this year.
Yeah you're right, I forgot Romo's injury, Kitna was quite a power in Seattle some years back, his dad and mom always went to the games, and were on camera rooting for him. At least the Cowboys have the Dallas Cheerleaders to drool at, by golly miss molly, can't stop loving them, can ya? Quit being cheap Green Bay, get some cheerleaders too for us fans.


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