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Justin Verlander went deep into the game to shut out the Oakland Athletics 3-0, and Miguel Cabrera smacked a game-winning two run homer in the pivotal game 5 of this best-of-five series.  They will face Boston to decide who will represent the American League in the World Series.

Tigers combine for a one-hitter, almost a no-hitter to take game 1 from the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS.  Sanchez gets the win, Benoit the save as Detroit pitchers strike out 17 Bostonians tonight.

Low scoring, but, high profile game, thanks Tigs., you won thru attrition and luck, for now. Get it on next time!

6TH INNING, AND THE TIG'S ARE WINNING AGAIN, 5-0, INTO THE 6TH NOW, AND IT'S LOOKING GOOD! Another World Series in the equation, I do expect! Darn, Red Sox got another run finally, into the 7th, so it's now 5-1, quite an impressive lead, for now..............

I hate to be a back-seat driver for Manager Jim Leyland, but he can't utilize the relievers like he did tonight and expect to win against a quality team like Boston.  The Tigers wound up losing 6-5, due to poor bullpen management, spoiling a quality outing by Scherzer.

Tigers take game 4 to even out the series by a score of 7-3.  A five run second inning with a mixed-around line-up leads us to games five six and maybe seven, with the AL ERA leader pitching number 5, MLB Wins leader pitching game 6, and 2012 Cy Young winner ready for #7.  If the bats continue to work, and those three pitchers do as good as they did the first time through, it looks good for Detroit.


Lost last game, not in the Series now. Jim Leyland just announced he is retiring, to let a "younger leader emerge" as the Tigers Manager now. Was it timed right, or should he have stayed on? He still will be a part of the management organization according to CBS Sports, and last reports.


I'm a bit miffed at Leyland right now for having all that quality personnel on his team and IMHO killing their chances the last few years by overusing and overestimating his bullpen.  He's a quality act, but this has been his one flaw through the years.

I totally agree with that assessment, he was actually killing their chances in many instances, and so, was it money? Odds with the bad guys? Or just the incompetence? Or just the pressure from outside sources? I guess no one will know now.

Good news Sunday, Tiger's beat the DC Nationals 2-1 at Viera Park in spring training games. Next game against them at home in Viera is Thursday the 20th.

Nationals bested the Tigers today 8-1. Dismal playing for spring training, but it's a long year ahead.


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