Take a one-timer through the five hole in this discussion about all things hockey.  Whether it is the Detroit Red Wings, the Muskegon Lumberjacks, the Grand Rapids Griffins, local youth/amateur hockey teams, or some out-of-state wannabes, it is fair game here.


Topic one:  The Red Wings are in the playoffs, behind 2-1 in games to the Coyotes.  Will they recover, and if so, how deep will they go and why?


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Hockey isn't my sport so I don't follow it all that closely. I do try and keep tabs on the Red Wings on occasion though. It was a bit of a down year and so far the playoffs have been a bit rough as well. I hope they can turn it around and at least advance to the conference championship but that could be a tough call this season.
The Red Wings are well on their way to round two they are ahead 4-1 in the third period in game 7 against Phoenix (the 'Yotes). Do you know the way to San Jose?

Make that 5-1, oh yeah!
Quite the game for the Wings tonight... they wanted to make a statement and I'd say they made it pretty good.
Wings down 3-0 in games, I think they will win tonight. I predict they will fall short in game 5, however, but if they then win that one, they may very well be able to come back. Very low probability however. San Jose in 5.
Unfortunately, I was correct on my prediction. The Sharks won by scores of 4-3, 4-3,4-3, and 2-1 and Detroit's only win was by the score 7-1. Detroit lost 4 games to 1, but scored two more goals in the series. Sometimes, it just don't seem fair.

Well, time to focus on the Tigers, they seem to be having a good spring again.
The Stanley Cup Final series is tied 2-2, Chicago with the home field advantage over Philadelphia. Will the Hossa curse continue-- will he make it to the Stanley Cup Finals three straight years with three different teams (Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Chicago) and lose once again? Time will tell.
Being that i'm not much of a hockey fan, I don't have a horse in this race but if I was going to pick who i'd prefer to win, I think I would probably go with Chicago.. mainly because they haven't won it all in awhile.
I'm in conflict, because I normally look at the Blackhawks (Chicago) as the enemy, and don't look forward to their smug faces coming to town with their Stanley Cup 2010 paraphernalia next year. I will predict Philly in seven, even though this would require them to win in Chicago, who I see likely to choke.
Honestly I don't care who wins all that much.. lol.. if the Red Wings were in it they would definitely be who I was rooting for
Congrats to the Blackhawks... they managed to pull it off!
Yes, they did earn it. But next year, let's see how well they do.


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