While Ludington's Oriole football team isn't exactly on a big roll for wins, they did win decisively last night against the Spring Lake Lakers, 32-7. Watched the 3rd and 4th quarters and the boys stuck it to the Lakers. Record now stands at 2-5, but they have Homecoming next Friday, and hope to win again. I did notice that MOM radio station had the game on, and that Councilor Castonia, (Cassie), was a co-announcer. I don't think he has the voice nor personality for it personally, dull and uninspired imho. Better stick to something else, like praising Barnett and Shay for all their Shyster works, lol. 

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With play-by-play announcer Todd "Scoop" Hansen doing an excellent job, you barely notice Kazzy fumbling the ball in the backfield.  It's hard to do color commentary for that job in describing the action, when his other job features him doing damage control in covering up the action.

Go Orioles!  The Lakers weren't a bad team.

LHS HOMECOMING WIN TONIGHT! Well, tonight the Orioles played the Lakeview Wildcats, and it was a very intense defensive battle all game, esp. the 2nd half. Orioles WIN 21-14. The Homecoming show at half-time was quite good, lots of good old Beatles songs and a Homecoming court that was also excellent. On the "cold" side for most of us observers, about 42 degrees, but a great win to be proud of. That kid "Juice Jones" is something else, what a tailback to have for offense. Oh yeah, then there's that "Cassie" guy again, still uninspiring, lame voice, and behind the ball on most calls, but WMOM puts up with him anyhow. "Listen to your MOM, unless Cassie is broadcasting", lol. Yes, that "Scoop Hansen" kid is quite good, covering much of the action with great skill and finesse. Another great parade downtown too beforehand that got the spirit up and going, great regards to the LHS Band and it's nice floats. 

Last weekend's rivalry game between MSU and Michigan tested my mixed loyalties to the two programs of each school, but at the end of the game, when MSU ran the botched punt in, I betrayed my current Spartan preferences by cheering rather than jeering.

This week my mixed loyalties were tested with the Ludington- Scottville (MCC) game.  I grew up attending MCC and living in Scottville, and I must admit, they had some pretty bad teams back in that time who would be lucky to win a couple games per season.  The initial test was when I went to the uptown Wesco where they had two different yummy cookies with the blue and gold trim and the Spartan on them, and one with the orange and black oriole on them.  I didn't want to make a decision between the two and rue it later when my cookie-team lost.

It turns out, however, that my original urge to grab the MCC Spartan cookie (everything else equal, I almost always favor the underdog) would have been the right choice as they trounced the promising 3-5 Ludington team by a 38-7 score.  The Spartans finish 6-3 overall and go to the MHSAA playoffs. 

Correct, congratulations to the big Victor, MCC Spartans. They really trounced the Orioles last night. That pounding rain really didn't help the home team either. 

HOMECOMING NIGHT tonight, and the Ludington Orioles won Big Time, 56-31 at the end. Great local team that trounced the Muskegon Orchard View Cardinals too, right from the start in the first quarter. See where Gary Castonia, the former commentator, is still commenting, as a statistician now, and hasn't much to offer the public listening to the game either! Weak voice and poor analysis, but, he's a public official, and MUST be included, even though he's a failure at that sport, and the city council as well imho. Next Friday is the Last Home Game for Lud., against Baldwin, should also be a great win putting us into the playoff picture, right Steve Miller?

I missed going to the drenched proceedings, but listened to the first half on the radio (Ludington had established a bit of dominance in the game).  Steve Miller is doing a great job as a color commentary replacement, but I am glad they found another job for Gary to do while he runs for Mayor that takes advantage of his fine mathematical skills, LOL.

LHS 48- Baldwin 6, another great game. Ludington will now play the last 2 games as a visitor, but, WILL go to State Final Playoffs. Only 4th time this has happened for LHS, Congrats. to the Victors, and many great players.

Ludington LOST tonight against the Alma Panthers, 28-7 last I knew. Sad loss for the Orioles.

Alma was coming off a 30-0 shutout vs. Big Rapids in running up a five game winning streak coming into the game.  Ludington was a much improved football team this year, coming off a disappointing losing season to go 7-2 this year.  Losing to a great team like Alma's by only three scores in the playoffs isn't all that bad.

Right X! Jarrett and Nelson proved very resourceful.

LHS Homecoming tonight. Very interesting win. At halftime score was only 6-0, Ludington over the Muskegon Orchard View team. I saw the 3rd and 4th quarters, Orioles got tough. Final score was Lud. 27 - MOV 8, scoring at game's end with a td and 2 pt. conversion, yeah Orioles. They have one more home game in two weeks. They are 2-2 in standings now.

The Orioles squashed the Stockbridge Panthers tonight, last home game, Orioles 56 - Panthers 15, Big WIN. Orioles now have a record of 6-2, which qualifies them for State playoff games with 6 wins. Last game at MCC next Friday, Spartans have only won 1 game this season, so, should be another W for us. Congrats to the Orioles, only the 5th time in LHS history making playoffs, last was 1989.


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