College football in Michigan is very relevant once again.  Michigan State is coming off respectable showings in the Big Ten and during the bowl seasons over the last few years to be ranked in upper tier all year in compiling a 6-0 record.  Michigan made an off season catch of former alumni and respected NFL coach Jim Harbaugh to coach and after a disappointing loss to a surprisingly good Utah team in their opener they have came back and won the next five, including the last three by shutouts over very respectable teams, with what seems to be a revitalized program.

This upcoming Saturday, the two Michigan teams that are in the top twelve nationally (AP poll) at #7 (MSU) and #12 will square off at the Big House in Ann Arbor.  MSU who had been as high as #2, has fallen out of favor to the coaches recently due to some unimpressive wins over unimpressive teams, whereas Michigan has climbed steadily in notching impressive wins over impressive teams. 

Unlike many of their past meetings, this showdown has national implications and will be each teams yardstick for how it can do against the nation's #1 team Ohio State University later this season (MSU plays the Buckeyes in Ohio on Nov. 21, Michigan plays them in Ann Arbor the next Saturday). 

Who do you root for in this matchup?  Who do you think will win?  Feel free to explain why and give a prediction. 

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At the beginning of the season, this years match up was presumably going to be like the last few years where U of M is at the game but doesn't necessarily show up so to speak and MSU wins.... needless to say, things have changed. MSU has won but as has been noted, they haven't exactly shown a killer instinct in pretty much any of the wins and the most recent game is just further proof... it was a win but beating a then 2-2 team in the last minute of the game doesn't exactly scream championship material. U of M on the other hand has shown that they appear to be a much better team then expected after the initial loss to Utah. Michigan's defense has to say the least been impressive with 3 shut outs in a row and throughout the win streak have held the opponents to less then 7 points a game. A honest MSU fan has to be a bit worried with things as they are, your team hasn't played as good as expected and your team is going to be facing what has been a pretty imposing defense. I've seen some amusing comments made by some of the dopier MSU fans, suggesting that not only is MSU going to win but they are going to shut Michigan out and score a bunch of points on them to boot.... you read that sort of stuff and got to laugh a little. As a Michigan fan I'd love to see Michigan shut out MSU as well but I'm thinking that the game is more likely to be a bit of a low scoring affair that can go either way... although I hope Michigan is the victor.

Whoever does win this game is all pretty academic if they go and lose to Ohio State later on.  I am torn because I am an alumnus of Michigan State University, but grew up during an era when Michigan football was dynastic and a lot easier to follow than a chaotic MSU football program.  Michigan definitely has the advantage going in with home court, a dominant defense, and a Harbaugh regimen that's hitting on all cylinders.  They will either blow MSU out, or lose a close one; I'm hoping for the latter.

Spoof of the Pure Michigan commercials, by John Kerfoot, highlighting U of M Football and the Jim Harbaugh era.

Michigan has basically the same team as last year. The only difference of course is coaching. Now that Michigan is making a comeback, MSU is going to have a much harder time recruiting against Michigan. I've always said that if Michigan State had the talent that Michigan gets every year,Dantonio would be playing for a national championship every year. He is the best at getting the most out of his players. I hope MSU cleans Michigan's clock but when comparing player to player Michigan most likely will come out the winner. Besides Dave, who's a good guy, we now have to put with all those arrogant and snotty Michigan fans again.

Recruiting!?  Despite getting prepped for the big rivalry game Harbaugh recruits a Georgia running back for 2017.  Any high school prospect who doesn't mind wearing khakis is not immune from the Harbaugh jawline. 

Fake Jim Harbaugh hits the MSU campus for some entertaining fun

An improbable turn of events on the last play of the game leads to a MSU win, 27-23, in a game for the ages.  Fake Harbaugh notwithstanding. 

Meh... Sparty got a gift... even though they won I'm not sure they was the better team as without the miracle at the end it would of been a loss... think next time a punt is fumbled the punter will hopefully be smart enough to just drop down and lay on the ball.

I feel sorry for the punter. He will forever be known as the player who caused the most amazing finish in the MSU / Michigan series. I hope he's strong enough to overcome this situation. Many athletes and refs who caused sports blunders have that blunder follow them for the rest of their lives. Even though Michigan should have won, MSU outplayed them according to the stats. At least we will be spared, at least for a year, the sarcastic comments from many of the Michigan fans who like to rub peoples noses in their victories. More videos

This summer, ran a fan vote to determine the greatest play in college football history. The result was Auburn's 109-yard return of an Alabama missed field goal to win the Iron Bowl in 2013.

But decided to take matters into its own hands Monday, supplanting "Kick Six" and pegging Michigan State's game-winning return of a bobbled punt snap as the greatest play in college football history.

The reasoning, according to Andy Fenelon and Jim Reineking, came down to it having "enough critical elements to vault it to No. 1."


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