Final score, MSU 42, Baylor 41. Great comeback by the Spartans to win as underdog. Sadly, I'll have to watch the highlights. I've been down with a 4 day flu and missed the live game. Congrats to our MSU Spartans, great job, great coach, great players. Nice try Baylor, but no cigar!

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Aquaman, I've been debilitated by some cold/flu symptoms since Christmas Eve Eve myself, but I was able to catch most of the second half, including the final quarter in its entirety.  I included a video of the final few minutes of the game and a link to the scoring throughout the game.  This is a game to catch in its entirety once they repeat it. 

What is lost in the early part of the fourth quarter is a successful onside kick by the Spartans just after they made it 28-41, followed up by a gut-wrenching interception thrown by MSU QB Conner Cook in the first set of downs thereafter that was almost returned for a TD by Baylor.  Great game, and a great back story is that it was the last game at MSU for Defense Coach Pat Narduzzi (pictured with MSU head coach Dantonio), after 11 years with the program.  He heads to Pittsburgh (the college) to be the head coach, should do great.

Ironically, Pitt played their bowl game today and blew a big lead in the fourth quarter, losing by one, 35-34. 


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