Harbaugh crying over refereeing.  What a big baby.

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As a MSU fan, more so than a Michigan fan, I saw the same game, and I agree with Harbaugh.  It was like U of M was Donald Trump, OSU was Hillary Clinton, and the referees were the mainstream media-- it was that bad.  Whether it was 'no calls' like a roughing the quarterback  or a pass interference not called against OSU that was clearly evident to me in my living room, or the spot of the football in that last OSU possession, the officiating officially sucked.  Here's a sport opinion piece by the DFP's Jeff Seidel which reflects some of my concerns and Harbaugh's.

This game and controversy is only fuel for college football's greatest rivalry continuing and expanding in the Meyer-Harbaugh era, and that's always a good thing. 

Ich Bin Ein Buckeye.  Here's for a swift recovery of all the OSU students injured earlier today by what appears to be a crazed Somali Muslim terrorist (and an OSU student) with a deadly car and a butcher knife. 

Anybody still happy about not properly vetting refugees...


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