Post your videos here... feel free to post whatever you want but just keep it within the TOS of Ning.. also, if you think it might be in bad taste or offensive to anyone, then maybe not share that particular video... everything else though, have at it!

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Awww, I didn't like the part of Howling Mad Murdock on this skit. He's not nearly CRAZY enuf for me.
Nate Bloch - The Doctor Visit.mht
Here's a Public Service Announcement. Dave, it is not directed at you.
Awwwwww.... aint they cute?

lol... loved that... check it out Aqua.. you'll probably like it too!
ROFL....PMP....LOL....LOL....ENCORE for Accessories.
Shake it, Aquaman!
Shakey--- bakey for sure, never realized my tush looked soooo good up close. Thanks.

Former Borgs for Ron Paul 2012:


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