A new service has been added.  Aviary provides a suite of creative online tools to help people create — and improve upon — photos, designs and audio clips. This Ning Extension allows you to edit photos directly inside the page. You can apply useful tweaks like cropping and red-eye reduction; edit the contrast, brightness and colors; add text to photos; and — if you’re feeling creative or playful — you can add “stickers” as an overlay to put mustaches, hats and tons of other fun items directly onto the images of people in your photos. 

Now, whenever you hover your mouse over photos you are able to edit, you’ll see an option for Photo Stickers & Effects. Clicking that link will start up Aviary’s editor and encourage you to apply updates, transformations and filters to your photo. Once you’ve completed the changes you want to make, click on Save and the modified photo will be saved back to the network

Last updated by XLFD Jul 17, 2011.

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