Want to download videos for a thread or just to add to our Videos library, but are having a hard time figuring it out?  It's not hard once you know how to do it.  First you will need the Video's "Embed" code; on a typical video site like Youtube they will have a "share" button you need to click, you will then see an "Embed" button you need to click.  You will see the code all in blue, you need to "copy" (as in copy and paste) this code by going to your copy command.

Now go to the Ludington Torch.  We allow you to embed videos in threads, messages, photo captions etc., and all you need to do is click the icon that looks like a filmstrip.  This prompts you to paste the embed code, which you do using the "paste" command.  You should now see a big code in your box, hit the OK button and it should embed itself right where your cursor was.  Not all videos work, nor does every one have an embed code, so you may want to add it via "link"-ing to it.  Here you copy and paste the webpage code to the bottom line, and rename it if you wish at the top line.  Adding a video to our video library (located as a subheading in the "Photo" category) is simply a matter of pasting the embed code after you click to 'add a video'.

Remember also that some videos, like some pictures, are not usable due to a variety of issues.  Check this out at the site you get it from, and please remove any such video from the Torch if you are found to have violated such issues. 

Last updated by XLFD Nov 23, 2011.

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