The elves of the Ludington Torch were hopeful that we could move from our current Ning 2.0 network to the Ning 3.0 network shortly after our five year anniversary, but we have got news from them back that they are not currently doing any new migrations to the higher platform at this time.  We surmise that there has been problems with the migrations of other Ning sites, because some things do not transfer very well or at all, including videos and group modules. 

As they continue to work the bugs out of their system, we will hold tight onto this platform for now, and try to maintain control over the spam we get overnight the best we can.  When we get clearance, if we get clearance, we will make the jump, making sure we take as much content as possible along with us.  Thanks for your patience, your loyalty, and your contributions to this site.

Last updated by XLFD Jan 3, 2015.

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