Let’s break down the original story for a second.

- Members of the monarchy are born into positions of power despite having never been elected.
- Peasants are born into a life of poverty, with all of their acquisitions being stolen from them by aforementioned monarchy.
- Robin Hood sees injustice in hard-workers living in squalor while corrupt government officials live like kings
- Robin Hood reaches his breaking point and begins to lead an uprising of the people.
- The people take back what they’d rightfully earned in the first place.

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Comment by Willy on April 21, 2018 at 2:28pm

Robin Hoods story is a classic study in class warfare. If there exists a regime of tyranny such as an overbearing and controlled society by a few ruling class leaders such as what happened in Russia, then Robin would of course be a hero of the oppressed until he is sent off to the gulag. In a free enterprise system however, Robin would be considered by most to be a neo-Marxist and a socialist. Just like today's social justice warriors and the anti 1%ers. In other words Robin was good way back when but today, in America, he would be a Communists agitator and anarchist.

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