The BS Boston Shyster is finally leaving Ludville, thank GOD! And thanks for leaving Ludington in a financial mess with $40 Million of 40 years of debt for taxpayers to absorb. Meanwhile,you escaped JAIL and made off with over $2 Million of our money! You Ahole!

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Comment by AQUAMAN on June 10, 2018 at 11:29pm

Holland is about 80 miles of driving each way, that's over 160 per day or 800 per week or 40,000 per year. Who's buying the Shyster a new car every year? Then if the kids want to stay so bad now, how come the Shyster also complained several times that one or a number of individuals were following his kids all the time and stalking them? He totally contradicts himself habitually because he's a serial liar.

Comment by XLFD on June 10, 2018 at 1:14pm

While it would have been more appropriate and bring more closure to many to see Shay leaving in leg irons with an FBI escort, just be thankful that he's not going to be city manager soon.  According to the COLDNews, he has threatened to stay in the area for the next three years in order for his youngest kid to graduate from high school here.  I don't know, if I was on the Ottawa County commission it doesn't really seem like he's committing to his new 'home', or maybe he's afraid they will learn about his lack of competence and morals.

Mr. Shay, may I suggest enrolling your kids in Zeeland High School in Ottawa County.  Ludington's own Cal DeKuiper, our former superintendent, is now there and can ensure that your kids will get a quality education.   It's a quality district.

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