Cause and Effect in Yesterday's Headlines

Two articles that came out in the City of Ludington Daily News at about the same time as seen on their Facebook site. The first celebrates the art of crafting beer and the celebration of this weekend's Brrrewfest, where many brewers, fermenters and distillers come to town to display their alcohol laced wares.

The second article relates the recent rise over the last few years in drugged and drunk driving in the county. Alcohol, a gateway drug to other vices, has made a big showing in the area with the rise of many drinking events, microbrewers and other drinking establishments celebrated and welcomed into the area. Is there a link?

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Comment by Brad on January 27, 2017 at 1:37pm

This happens with a city government that promotes drinking. Seems like all in good fun but...

FOR FAMILIES: City has 4 Fri Night Lives (really for tourists), and 4 movie nights. All within a 2 months time frame. Anything else..?

FOR DRINKERS: I can't even think of all the beer tents, wine tastings, city supported group parties, but seems like almost monthly. Just had the ball drop, some brewfest thing this weekend, wasn't there 1 in November.

They seem to help bars and breweries get going.

I have always taken the plan for the west end project is mainly for events with "tents".

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