Today, March 22, 2023 is our namesake town's 150th birthday. At Emmanuelle Lutheran Church (501 E Danaher) between 6 and 7 there will be a formal kickoff party with speakers talking of the city's past, present, and future.

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Comment by Willy on March 24, 2023 at 12:15am

Here's a little known fact about Ludington's history. James Ludington, the person Ludington is named for, never lived in Ludington.

"Ludington lived in New York state as a boy and in Wisconsin as an adult,[1][3] but never lived in Ludington, Michigan, the town named after him.[7] Ludington Avenue and James Street are named after him. The streets Lewis, William, Robert, Charles, Harrison, Emily, Lavinia, and Delia are named after his family members.[2] Ludington died on April 1, 1891,[8] in his residence at Plankinton House Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,[4] and was to be buried at Carmel.[8]

The first light was built on the south pier in 1870. I believe the picture below is that light.

The  first light on the north pier was built in 1871. If my research is correct that light is pictured below.

I'm not sure of all of this is correct but if anyone has more information, please post it.

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