Courthouse Peaceful Protest Against Low Bond Given to Habitual Offender Suspected Murderer

A protest organized by 'Logik Roberts' (far right) is seeking answers from authorities whom allowed Isaiah Gardenhire, a habitual offender with assaults, assorted gun crimes, felony home invasions, etc., in the past and freshly charged with CSC (2nd) against a very young minor, to be released on a $750 bond. This career criminal appears to have known the victims and one can assume that the young person killed was the CSC victim. Gardenhire turned himself in this morning, hopefully he will be held w/o bond now. Magistrate Glenn Jackson III was the officer who approved the $750 bond ($7500 at 10%), he says he is not at liberty to fully explain why he settled on that amount.

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Comment by Willy on June 8, 2021 at 2:00pm

It's to bad the Magistrate can't be sued. If he were a private citizen and helped Gardenshire gain access to the victim then he would be facing charges right along with the criminal. The Magistrate must explain his actions and face criminal prosecution.

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