Offering what appears to be an editorial comment on how Mlive opines about 'sanctuary cities' (but is actually a comment from one of the dissenting council members), the medium reports that the council rescinded its week old policy of being a sanctuary city.

In the story, the 'reporter' noted that three people had to be police-escorted from the meeting, it failed to say which side of the issue they were on-- though it's probably obvious to the discerning reader who should be able to easily pick which side the 'reporter' was on.

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Comment by XLFD on April 13, 2017 at 1:43pm

I'm betting you're not the transgendered gay hippy in the fourth row. 

Thanks for your on-the-scene reportage, you would have never noted there wasn't any such disrespect for the council and the flag reading the mainstream media that attended, nor the odd interpretations of immigration laws.

Comment by Willy on April 13, 2017 at 1:30pm

I was visiting a friend in Lansing yesterday and we decided to attend this meeting. I'm in the picture above. Guess which person. All I can say is that that MSU students made up most of the BAMN people along with some old hipppies, gays and transgenders.

These people are dangerous and a threat to the survival of America because they hold Marxist views and they are extremely radical. Many of them did not stand for the pledge of allegiance and even held out their fists with their thumbs pointed down during the pledge. They compared the enforcement of immigration laws on illegals to the Holocaust, slavery and the Japanese interment camps of WW2. Bamn is funded by George Soros and other radical leftists and they will not stop until a Communist type of government is installed in the U.S.  This is what happens when Liberals are in control of our Government at any level.

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