Barnettman makes a striking figure as he leads his League of Lawmen in Ludington. He and his right-hand boy-wonder, Ryban, quells public fears by keeping all information about themselves and their operations hidden in their Barnettcave.

Keep us safe and ignorant, heroes, while the rest of your band of illegitimate crime-fighters (whoever they are) do whatever is necessary to silence and bludgeon any opposition to your unrestrained powers and covert actions.

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Comment by AQUAMAN on March 28, 2014 at 1:08am

The word "bludgeon" is quite antiquated, and also, quite vicious. It's taken from very archaic times, and bluntly describes, death, at best, and/or mortally wounded, at least. THIS is the terminology our beloved and esteemed Chiefs use to describe X, (Tom)? I mean really? This at least to any normal thinking person should strongly indicate the mentality of meanness that these men feel in their hearts, and they actually do invocations and say they are Christian? Really? Quite the opposite methinks, it's totally hypocritical in all ways! Which exactly follows the Liberals thought process!

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