The harbor/river tour ship The Princess of Manistee (formerly The Princess of Ludington a few years back) winters just west of the PM Bayou (and Washington Avenue). Has her engagement with the Prince of Manistee been called off, or is she just a little homesick?

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Comment by XLFD on February 1, 2024 at 8:57am

That's a mystery to me, the oversized vessel POM during season is docked by Manistee's Riverwalk, one would think the area could winter a ship like that.  The controversy before that made her move north was that the city couldn't harbor the ship just off Waterfront Park, after their cantankerous captain had some dispute with the marina across where they are now sitting.  

I was just surprised to see it back and couldn't find any resource that explained why it was here again.  It may just be a lot cheaper than what the City of Manistee wants to charge them for a spot during winter, or it just might get more protected from the elements here.

Comment by Willy on January 31, 2024 at 9:51pm

It looks to be in good condition. Do you know why it's back in Ludington? I remember when the Keweenaw Star docked in Ludington back in 2010, stopping over night because of heavy seas. The Star was on a sight seeing tour of the Lake Michigan shore. It used to be docked in Houghton Mi. but moved to Charlevoix.

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