Breaking: Travel Ban in New York City: "Anyone on the Road will be subject to arrest" #Blizzard2016

Gov. Cuomo banned all travel in New York City because of a massive snowstorm that could dump 30" of snow on the city.

Do you believe the governor of any state (or a local official) has the authority to restrict travel on public thoroughfares in such manner with the threat of arrest without any underlying law violation being committed?

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Comment by XLFD on January 30, 2016 at 8:37pm

I think you're right with that Aquaman, but to my knowledge nobody was ever arrested here for that 'offense', nor was it pressed by the mayor and/or governor.  To my knowledge, none of those officials in Michigan or New York have the authority to restrict travel like that.

Comment by AQUAMAN on January 30, 2016 at 6:19pm

Guys, I remember this same threat of arrest in Ludington too over the years, by MCSO. I remember that quite well, as I got on my snowmobile and left for work downtown many a time, also a 4X4 truck. Noted I went slow with extreme caution, but, it's not really legal to arrest someone for this imho. It might be okay to ticket them with a $100 ticket, and ask them to return home, but not arrest someone if they are obeying the law. Either way, the sheeple obey as instructed, and most don't care if they miss work or not for this excuse.

Comment by Willy on January 24, 2016 at 12:38am

This is the same kind of crap used by the Mayor of New York City when he was telling people how much soda they could drink. Most people won't travel in a blizzard but if they do, that's their business. It's hard to understand how easily these people can cancel the freedoms we have but of course there are many sheepish people who do not resist. This is also like the situation in Boston when the police were looking for those bombers. They forced people to stay in their houses and searched buildings and property without warrants. Are the police that suspend our freedoms considered "heroes".

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