Warnings are posted on the Calhoun County Justice Center (aka courthouse) in Battle Creek, Michigan that the area is under video camera surveillance. So you would think the officials and bureaucrats who work there would be used to being filmed. Not so; recently a First Amendment auditor whose main body of work appears to be in southern Michigan filmed a lot of county officials leaving the courthouse about a half hour before close of the day. The sheriff's office eventually responds and the filmer catches a county prosecutor apparently perplexed about the law and who joins his colleagues in calling the videographer a creep, but what really makes this video special is that one of the early leaving officials keeps scratching her buttocks and pointing out that fact to the cameraman, eventually saying it's because she has herpes. Other than that, the audit seems to have passed as no law officers took the bait by telling the man he couldn't do what he was doing, or otherwise acting against him.

want more: https://www.youtube.com/user/tacticalpatriot45/videos

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Comment by Willy on May 31, 2019 at 11:12am

I didn't watch the entire video. 15 minutes is more time than I want to devote to this. If the Government didn't make a fuss about videoing then I'm sure this video would not have been made or posted. My advice to the author is to shorten his message if he wants people to see it. I got more information from X's short comments than from the video.

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