Little Dony is frustrated. After having to pay luxury taxes with his meager funds, he lands on income tax just when he thought he was getting ahead by passing 'Go'. Probably just rolled a three, landing on chance which told him to go back three spaces for more taxes. Taxes are unfair, Dony, many don't learn that until they grow older.

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Comment by Willy on October 17, 2019 at 12:02pm

That is so funny. He reminds me of my niece who is a lefty. While she was in college she said she didn't mind high taxes as long as it helped others. Now that she has a good paying job and she is being robbed of much of her pay in taxes she is singing a different tune. I like the old saying if your a lefty when your young that can be excused but if your still a lefty when your old then you haven' t learned a thing. Lucky for this young man he has learned the lesson of life early on.

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