Greed Charter Township 4-14-2023 Board Meeting

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Comment by Willy on April 19, 2023 at 10:59pm
Thanks for the video. Good luck to the people of Mecosta Countoy. I'm curious why all GOP Senators did not sign that letter? Sending the letter to the 2 Democrat Senators is the same as sending it to China. This letter should have gone out when this plant was in the planning stage not after all the bribes have been given out to all the politicians. Also why did the letter stay unwritten until the Taliban was involved?
Comment by XLFD on April 18, 2023 at 3:33pm
Five GOP Michigan Senators penned a letter Tuesday to the state’s congressional representatives demanding “swift action” regarding the proposed Gotion battery plant in Big Rapids and its ties to China along with alleged connections to what they refer to as “adversarial” nations.

Michigan Senators Lana Theis, Ed McBroom, Joe Bellino, Dan Lauwers, and Kevin Daley asked Michigan’s two Democratic U.S. Senators and its 13 House representatives to “use all federal resources available to immediately investigate whether Gotion…has ties or contacts with foreign countries that have an adversarial relationship with the United States of America.”
The letter comes after Michigan News Source reported earlier on Tuesday that Michigan taxpayers could be subsidizing Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan with billions of U.S. dollars. Numerous sources showed a meeting between Gotion officials and Taliban leaders. There’s an alleged connection between Gotion utilizing the terrorist nation for its lithium mines. That material would then be sent to the proposed Big Rapids plant where batteries for electric vehicles would be produced.

For months, Whitmer and MEDC have been advocating for green energy policies and the idea of using taxpayer dollars to fund Gotion. In addition, both also cheered on a proposed Ford plant in Marshall with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

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