Ignorant police "Officer" Mark Wilkey

Police traffic stop on a bicyclist in Benton IL, where the officer shows utter ignorance of the law that pertains to bicycles. The victim describing this video explains the corrupt cop "makes up laws to illegally stop, detain and ID me." The officer's body cam proves the bicyclist was right. Too bad LPD didn't have body cams back in 2008 when they did the same to me.

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Comment by Willy on October 6, 2019 at 3:21pm

I think it is very important that police officers attend a refresher course and be tested annually in order to keep up with the laws because, after all, it's their job to enforce them. I think they also need to be licensed and or certified. Most communities require inspectors to be certified and or licensed. Most of the required licensed are conditional that the license holders attend seminars and training in order to have their license renewed. If this were the case for the police then many of these questionable stops would be eliminated. Also, officers should be required to have psychological evaluations to determine their mental fitness to do their jobs. If they are found to be crazy then they could run for City Council.

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