Rasmussen Polls: COVID vs. Vaccine. Americans Tell us Which is the Biggest Killer

Surprised? I'm not.

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Comment by XLFD on April 2, 2023 at 10:53am
It is important not to try and make conclusions above the capacity of the poll or study you look at. Rasmussen is known for having accurate and scientifically-ran opinion polls, and so one shouldn't expect a conclusive result about a medical issue, only a conclusive result on what people's perspectives on that medical issue is at the time the poll was administered. Presuming Rasmussen's ran this opinion poll as they normally do and get an actual random sampling of those interviewed, the result is astounding. In an average person's sphere of influence, there is about an equal chance that someone in their household has died from what they expect is the vaccine or Covid-19. Surely, most respondents define 'household' differently and most cannot be medically sure whether someone close to them died of Covid, the jab, neither or both-- but they can opine to their suspicion, and as long as both questions are asked to each person, a comparison of the two is conclusive on finding out (based on random-sampled opinion) that deaths by shot and deaths by Covid are very comparable.
Comment by Willy on April 1, 2023 at 8:09pm
Thanks for the video posting. I'm having a problem with this poll. Asking opinions regarding medical statistics seems confusing to me. This poll should have been given to medical doctors not Joe citizen. For example how would anyone know what a family member died of unless the death certificate stated the cause of death? When an elderly in law of mine died a couple of years ago his family told us he died of Covid but later they found out he had not died of Covid because the death certificate did not reference anything regarding Covid. That kind of statistics should not be an opinion only a fact. Another problem I have is the question about the vaccine. How would anyone know, even a doctor, if a person had died from a Covid vaccine? I understand the reason for the poll but we should be dealing with certified medical statistics. The problem is, we cannot trust those who were/are supposed to compile that information and study it then come to an unbiased conclusion based on facts. We may never know exactly what the real numbers are because of the corruption that has taken over the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Those of us who have been paying attention know about the improper way the entire Covid situation has been and is continuing to be handled and covered up. From Wuhan to all points on the Globe. Reflecting public opinion by polling is one thing but actually knowing and trusting the facts and truth is something else.

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