At the rate its going, Harry has a shot at being a stand up comedian with some of the stuff he's been saying of late. If the polls in Nevada are anywhere near correct, his days as senator could be numbered. Harry's newest foot in mouth situation happened today I believe, check it out:

Apparently he thinks people should be glad that ONLY 36,000 people a job today? I'd be a little happier if it was 36,000 got jobs today myself :-)

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I heard this earlier today, please tell me you're taking it out of context, Dave. No one could be that inept without a surname of Biden or Quayle, I would have thought.
Actually, I haven't heard the whole comment yet, been looking but haven't come across it yet. If I can find it and there is more to the comment that in fact changes the meaning of the above comment, i'll post it here. Your right in that if the quote was taken in context that it would be pretty inept.
There was more to his comments although it took a little looking to find what else he said... here's what else was said:

"The unemployment rate around America has not changed. Prognosticators thought it would go up and it has not."

There were probably other ways he could of made the point he wanted to make, the way it come out of his mouth though made him sound foolish and he will probably be reminded of the comment from now until election day. Sometimes it pay's to make notes before speaking :-)
That addendum softens the blow a little, but he still comes off as dopy and cold-hearted. If 36,000 people lost their jobs and none were created (as one might reasonably imply) the unemployment rate is going to go up.


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