I have a feeling that for Christmas next time around that someone is going to give ole Joe a muzzle or a gag or at the very least, a sock to stuff in his mouth. Good ole Joe was at it again at the big bill signing today when he was overheard via a microphone that he was apparently in range of saying to Obama that "this is a big f****** deal". While a good portion of Americans have used that word and others, most have the decency to use it when they know there isn't anyone around to offend. I can't say i've never cussed but when I have, its been with people who I know wouldn't be bothered by the language. Oh well, what can you do... sooner or later ole Joe will drop maybe the Nuke codes or something.

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Wow, being kin to Ben Franklin! Now, that is something to brag about!
Thanks Coco. I know almost nothing about my ancestry but have always wondered. I may have to start looking.
I'm a distant relative of Laura Ingalls Wilder. My folks usually go to the yearly Ingalls family reunion most years. I think my mom mentioned once that we were also related to General Grant in some way but can't remember how. Guess thats my claim to history fame.. lol
Thanks again Coco, I just may. I put my name in that website and it came up with nothing. I know you are busy and I'll keep working on it for a while longer.
I've heard rumors that the DAR are a great group to join. Wonder if they have a group for men too?
Aqua, I think there is a Sons of the American Revolution as well. I know someone who says he is a member.
Ole' Joe was at it again over the weekend... on the upside I guess he didn't say the F word this time. Really the comment this time around was much more tame, but still funny.

Read Joe's biography, then tell me the man is insane, please? Or just take a walk in HIS SHOES before you judge!
What does it matter what his biography is? He is one of the members of the Democrat Party who is trying to turn the U.S. into a socialist state. I don't care if he cries at weddings and kisses puppy dogs. I know about his life but that doesn't alter the fact that he, along with Obama and the other socialists are trying and succeeding to destroy the U.S.
I thought Obama was the Prez. making policy, I don't see Joe doing that, at least not yet. If you remember the primaries in 2008, he really didn't agree with Obama on everything either, and I still don't think he does. No one person can destroy the US either, and neither can a political party gone wild right now, the pendulum will swing back old friend, don't worry, just be patient.
If he doesn't fully agree with Obama then why is he supporting his agenda. And if he doesn't agree but still supports the agenda, doesn't that make him a first class _ss kisser and hypocrite. While we are waiting for that pendulum this country will collapse financially from the irresponsible decisions made by Obama and the Democrats and that will be the beginning of the end. That is why immediate action must be taken to balance the budget and reduce our debt and enforce existing immigration laws. There is no time for patience.
The republicans have just as much of a goal to destroy our country as the democrats.

Why is it that people think its "us and them"? Why can't everyone admit they both suck royally and they both have it in for our country? Perhaps by different means but the end goal is the same.

Fascist or socialist it comes down to the same for the layman in the end. The R's with the patriot act did more to destroy us constitutionally than the D's have done thus far. They are in bed together economically. They disagree just for the point of being disagreeable and contrary. If purple comes up with and idea then fuchsia disagrees, and vice versa. If Fuchsia had come up with the SAME idea and said it first the Fuchsia would love it. and vice versa.

What is it with some of you having to say its this party or that party? Do you actually think any one party is to blame, it is every single politician out there.

It seems the 9-11 incident (if done by Bin Laden or whoever) really has accomplished it's goal of dividing our country. You guys are buying right into it yet seem to try to pretend it is always the other guys fault. Then turn around and wonder why kids these days have no idea what it means to take responsibility for anything. They learn it right from the top down to the layman that if they blame it on someone else then it negates their own responsibility.

Do you seriously think we were any better under the R's? absolutely not. It was just a different kind of sucky.

Why don't you guys join a third party and quit the blame game and actually start to do something for your country like UNITING us as AMERICANS no matter what one believes instead of blaming it on other people because they like a well done burger instead of medium. Yep, that is how petty it sounds when people start slamming one party or another. It makes ppl seem like me with pms just wanting to have something to b**ch about yet doing NOTHING to solve the real problems.

You guys are being fooled into believing that if you blame it on the other guy then when your party is elected everything will be all daisies and sunshine but in reality that is total BS. and I think you all know it but play along because you feel you have no control over anything and don't know how to deal with the lack of control so you just blame and divide.

Because of all the haters our country will be destroyed and it will be both party's faults and the followers of both. hasn't anybody noticed that we started being destroyed financially by a "war" that we couldn't afford to begin with, where do ppl think all the money went that had prevented the housing bubble from bursting, it went to the mid east, that is why no one here had any that and sending our manufacturing overseas along with a bunch more of our economy. Both parties did it over decades. Not just on little blip on the radar then boom, it was a long process by both parties.

You can either move beyond it or stay the same lame boring old people buying into the same boring lame tag lines day after day.

In conclusion, both parties suck. get over it and save some puppies or something, because that's all any of us will really be able to do.


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