I have a feeling that for Christmas next time around that someone is going to give ole Joe a muzzle or a gag or at the very least, a sock to stuff in his mouth. Good ole Joe was at it again at the big bill signing today when he was overheard via a microphone that he was apparently in range of saying to Obama that "this is a big f****** deal". While a good portion of Americans have used that word and others, most have the decency to use it when they know there isn't anyone around to offend. I can't say i've never cussed but when I have, its been with people who I know wouldn't be bothered by the language. Oh well, what can you do... sooner or later ole Joe will drop maybe the Nuke codes or something.

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I agree that both parties have not been what they should be, however there has never been a time like this when a single party and a President have been so out of control and had such a damning agenda. Just take the time and review what Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress has done and is attempting to do. This country has never had such radical socialists in control of high government offices. This is not a Democrat vs. Republican thing at this point. It is a save the Country from a run away President and Congress.


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