It seems that Michael might be getting some of our tax money for his
movie on Capitalism. He's indicated in the past though how that might
not be a good idea. I tend not to put much trust in the man myself being
that most of his movies contain more distortions and lies that a
politician might blush. Plus I think its just a tad hypocritical to
make an anti-capitalism movie but have to rely on Capitalism for it to
succeed... which judging by the box office total as of last month of
just under $15 million, it didn't succeed. I'd like to think people are
finally catching on to his dog and pony show and see that he is a
charlatan. I will commend him for making a $5000 donation to The
Lakeshore Theater in Muskegon over the weekend to help keep it open. Maybe he will just retire and live off the millions he's made from his movies.

FLINT, Michigan — Michael Moore's documentary, "Capitalism: A Love Story" — the same documentary
that criticized government handouts to big business — has been approved
for a taxpayer-funded subsidy from the state of Michigan, the
Midland-based Mackinac Center for Public Policy is reporting.

The Mackinac Center, a vocal critic of the state's film subsidies, is also critical of the move by Moore's production team.

The think tank has put together a video clip of a July 2008 forum in which Moore seemed skeptical of the state's plan to offer subsidies to

webMOORE_MG_8431-1.jpgFilmmaker Michael Moore talks to reporters before the screening of his new documentary, "Capitalism: A Love Story," at The Whiting in Flint.
"Why do they need our money, from Michigan, from our taxpayers, when we’re already broke here?" Moore asked at the Traverse City event. "I mean,
they play one state against another, and so they get all this free cash
when they’re making billions already in profits. What’s the thinking
behind that?”

The state's film credit program provides refundable tax credits worth as much as 42 percent of expenditures for movies made in the state.

The Mackinac Center said the Michigan Film Office would not disclose how much the payment would be for "Capitalism."

“While we don’t blame Mr. Moore and his production team for taking what is offered, it’s striking that a movie focused on the inequities of
granting taxpayer dollars to private enterprise would apply for and
receive taxpayer-funded incentives,” said Michael LaFaive, fiscal
policy director at the Mackinac Center.

Portions of "Capitalism" were filmed in Flint, including one scene in which Moore and his father walked along General Motors' old Buick City site.

The Mackinac Center said its attempts to reach Moore about the tax credits were unsuccessful.

"Given the state’s precarious fiscal status, should struggling families and
businesses continue subsidizing filmmakers?” LaFaive said in a news
release. “How can a state with the nation’s worst unemployment rate
justify special tax favors to millionaire filmmakers?"

Story from a Mlive story

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Just pitiful, and pathetic.
I have liked the MM movies I have seen although I can't recall which ones they are exactly (farenheight 911 and bowling for columbine i think), I do recall liking them.

But as far the grants, idk, I'll have to do some research on the whole industry and why the grants are available to begin with, and of course watch the movie to see what it is actually about.

But if a grant is available, why not apply for it and use it. If one person doesn't then another will so take what ya can get for yourself while it is there to be had.
If you like his movies for their suggested facts and figures, you may want to be leery... its been shown that he can be quite creative in regards to such things. That said, if you like the movies simply for their entertainment value/subject matter, I think your taking the movies for just that, entertainment.

I suppose in reality that a lot of movies that are documentaries or based on stories all take some liberties with the subject. A movie like "The Blind Side" which I loved and is based on a true story still had plenty of "Hollywood" in it from all reports. Even with the "Hollywood" in the movie, it was still quite entertaining and i'll probably go see it again :-)
I agree with you Dave. I have said that there is no such thing as an unbiased documentary. Anything done by man (and women) is biased in some way. It sometimes isn't intentional, but is still biased. I hope I haven't ruined it for anyone who likes documentaries, as I do.
This is one of the reasons that I am opposed to subsidies. I don't want the government picking the winners and losers. But yes, if it is available, why not take advantage of it?
Well, we know now MM isn't the only hypocrite Dave. Thanks for the uppercuts over yonder tonite. RIP tweety.
Careful, to some the "rip tweety" might be considered a deadly threat or something. Hopefully though everyone can see it as the joke that it was intended to be since I seriously doubt anyone is looking to kill anyone :-)


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