It's probably safe to say that few people would of ever expected the
National Enquirer to be up for a Pulitzer but here we are, the Enquirer
is attempting to win a Pulitzer for its coverage of the John Edwards
scandal that they broke in their pages a few years ago. Granted that
the Enquirer is generally known for their gossip collums and
sensationalistic stories, on occasion they have broke actual news. I
want to say they broke the Gary Hart scanal years back cost Hart a shot
at the White House... I could be wrong but it seemed like it was them.
Been a few other stories over the years as well i'm sure. Anyway, I kind of hope they win it, for no other reason then it might be the only time they ever are up for one.

Enquirer Is Eligible for Pulitzer

The Pulitzer Prize administrators have decided that The National Enquirer is eligible to compete for the awards, a person briefed on the matter said Thursday.

Enquirer editors said they had submitted an entry before the Feb. 1 deadline for their work on the John Edwards scandal, but it was not clear whether the publication qualified for the Pulitzers, widely considered the most coveted honor for American

The Enquirer uncovered the extramarital affair and out-of-wedlock fatherhood of Mr. Edwards, a former senator and presidential candidate — though much of that reporting took place
before 2009, and so could not be considered for this year’s prizes.

Sig Gissler, administrator of the prizes, says he and his colleagues never publicly discuss the eligibility of any specific publication. “We apply
our criteria, and if publications meet them, we allow them to
participate,” he said.

The rules state that the journalism awards must go to a newspaper or news site based in the United States that publishes no less often than weekly. But the distinction between a
weekly newspaper and a magazine can be blurry, and American Media,
publisher of the Enquirer, has at different times referred to it as
both a magazine and a newspaper.

But Pulitzer officials have decided that the Enquirer is, indeed, a newspaper, according to the person briefed on the matter, who was granted anonymity to discuss the
confidential decision, which was first reported on Thursday by the Huffington Post.

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I think the Enquirer also did some Pulitzer-worthy reporting back during the Monica Lewinsky presidency during the Bill Clinton Scandal. Wee-willy-winkie-gate featured a U.S. president diddling a young White House intern. For all you so-called feminists out there, that would be taking advantage of a subordinate in a work environment, a clear case of sexual harassment/coercion. Of course, the feminists who crucified Bob Packwood for much lesser indignities, got under the desk for Billy. Opened my eyes, for sure.

Sorry, we ALL know what John Edwards is? Or dontcha? Too bad too, he had a message, but too much mora-bora? And a wife with the best love/intentions, hopes, and faith. She was definitely abused, psychologically, and otherwise, I do suppose. If the Enquirer made this story, they deserve the conquest, and deliverance of truth awards. Boy, the guys that give it ALL UP, for a quick ecstasy of lust. Sickening, and irrational, considering their position in life.
Btw..............................Monica............................was not an innocent bystander under de desk, or elsewhere. She had her own fantasies, and pretty much accomplished them, as twisted as this may appear now. or then? Glad we don't have 8 yr. olds on this forum, or do we? JMO


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