Neighbors in Fear Following Killing of Well-Liked Arizona Rancher

Neighbors in Fear Following Killing of Well-Liked Arizona Rancher

This is from the first paragraph of the article, which is what I am addressing here for the most part.

"A neighbor in the area where an illegal immigrant is believed to have killed a well-liked Arizona rancher says she intends to carry weapons to protect herself -- and not from rattlesnakes or wounded steer."

Does anyone see the dual meaning here?

Here in the southwest, a lot of people carry guns, especially when venturing into the open desert.  In my circle of acquaintances I know of no one who does not.  It is just plain smart.  So, what is she really saying?

Personally, I think everyone should take responsibility for their own safety.  In fact, the police (government) have no legal obligation to protect you.  But is this taking it too far?

What do y'all think?

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coco it's one thing to have guns BUT it is another thing to have to use them! Must get in that frame of mind?
This was in the Las Cruces Sun-News today:

Gov. Richardson sends National Guard to international border follow...

"Sun-News report
Posted: 03/31/2010 01:39:14 PM MDT

LAS CRUCES —In the wake of a weekend murder of a southeastern Arizona rancher, Gov. Bill Richardson announced Wednesday he's sending the National Guard to the international border.

"I want residents in Southern New Mexico to know we are taking this border violence very seriously by adding a National Guard presence along with state, local and federal law enforcement patrols along the border," Richardson said in a news release.

Saturday, Robert Krentz, 58, was shot and killed as he worked on his remote ranch, west of the New Mexico border. No one has been arrested, but the trail of a suspect led authorities to the Mexican border.

The state's Bootheel region and adjacent southeastern Arizona area has seen a spike in recent months in immigrant-related crime, including vandalisms and home break-ins.

Wednesday, Richardson ordered New Mexico National Guard Major General Kenny Montoya to send guardsmen to the border area, according to the release. The guardsmen will work with the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, which is coordinating the law enforcement presence along the border.

According to the news release, Richardson is also urging the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense to increase the federal law enforcement presence at the border permanently."
I think from all I've seen and heard of Richardson, he's a good man, at least on paper, and speech. But, he's fighting an uphill battle with the Feds.. They say and write one thing, then do completely the opposite in reality. Why? A coverup at the highest levels is all I can think, and many issues point exactly to that, now, and in the recent past 20+ years. Sancutary cities is one of the most identifying examples I have cited elsewhere on this forum, and I have no reason to make up such folly.


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