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The Blackmailer's Paradox

Not long ago, Nobel Prize winner Robert Aumann presented an interesting scenario dealing with the mathematical concept of Gaming Theory and…

Started by XLFD in Torch Light

9 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by charlemagnetism

My new hobby

Check this out. ">

Started by Sweater Cows! in Torch Light

4 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by Edie Lindsey

The owner of Wikileaks is.....

A spineless turd.When you put innocent lives at risk for some self satisfying agenda that isn't yours to take to begin with and threaten to…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

10 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Guidothesemipsuedocaptitalistpig

Anti-earmark Tea Party Caucus takes $1 billion in earmarks

While a few of the Tea Party Caucus lived up to their pledge to not take any earmarks, it seems a majority of them asked for earmarks. I su…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

3 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Sweater Cows!

Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans’ Credit Cards in Real Time

Wasn't there a bunch of stuff said about Bush taking all our rights away? Wonder what those same people would say about the Obama administr…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

2 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Willy

Welcome Pete!!

Hi Pete..As I rummaged through the various links of discussions here I saw an old foe of mine Pete Graham. Welcome to the forum and glad yo…

Started by Guidothesemipsuedocaptitalistpig in Torch Light

7 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Pete Graham


I was in Lansing for Thanksgiving and a relative asked me to take them to the Ingham County Health Dept. so they could get their flu shot b…

Started by Willy in Torch Light

23 Dec 6, 2010
Reply by XLFD

Another example why a lot of Unions have lost their credibility

Instead of realizing that these tough economic times are hard on everyone, the union representing the police officers of New Jersey opted t…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

3 Dec 6, 2010
Reply by Willy

Bristol Palin vs Keith Olberman

Keithy further proves what a dope he is by naming Bristol Palin The Worst Person In The World because of her work with groups that help you…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

8 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by Guidothesemipsuedocaptitalistpig

I'm glad I have no interest in flying

I don't have to worry about getting the pictures taken or the police style pat downs. I understand the need for security and all but it's g…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

33 Dec 4, 2010
Reply by Willy


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