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Ludington Talks: Ad Money Matters-- People Don't

Sorry all for snubbing the Ludington Torch since joining about a month ago.  I have been devoting more time to an ailing father and my busi…

Started by Tom Torquema in Waving the Torch Around Our Area

12 Jan 29, 2010
Reply by AQUAMAN

The Butt Crack

What's the deal with all the butt crack these days? Back when I was younger you rarely ever seen anyone's butt crack other then perhaps the…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

7 Jan 28, 2010
Reply by AQUAMAN

Oprah and Glenn Beck TV favorites

Obviously Beck's appearance on the poll is a surprise and coming in at #2 is a even bigger surprise. Most everyone else on the list has bee…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

0 Jan 26, 2010

Rules of the Torch

The Ideals of The Ludington Torch is to have a free flow of information, images, and ideas, with as little restriction as possible. To this…

Started by XLFD in Torch and Go

22 Jan 24, 2010
Reply by Angela

Goodbye Air America!

I am sure that several of you here are dissapointed but Air America is no more. *sheds a tear*They have ceased to air original programming…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

1 Jan 22, 2010
Reply by XLFD

Something to actually care about

What is wrong with these politicians? Again they are trying to screw over the little guy, set everything up for those who donate to their c…

Started by Sweater Cows! in Torch Light

2 Jan 20, 2010
Reply by XLFD

I find it funny that.....

....individuals over at a certain forum would feel it humorous to poke fun at this site when they are so weak in their individual beliefs t…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

46 Jan 20, 2010
Reply by Guidothesemipsuedocaptitalistpig

Behr is at it again..........

so Behr posted this yesterday: Angela - listen to me - when you threaten someone else's life, like you have it's enough for me to ban you…

Started by Angela in Pitchforks and Torches

10 Jan 19, 2010
Reply by AQUAMAN

Ed Schultz says he's try to vote 10 times in MA if he could

I'm sure the MSNBC fans... if there are any out there... will say that Fox is the only station that's bias :-P Granted this is just one of…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

9 Jan 19, 2010
Reply by AQUAMAN

Who's your pick on the Soup visitor we have here? a.k.a numbedoutcomfortably

My guess is that its Casey because the poster is fairly obnoxious :-) Could be Behr though. Both liked to use a term that was used in one o…

Started by Dave in Torch Light

11 Jan 18, 2010
Reply by AQUAMAN


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