Here's the spot to talk about your favorite or most hated NFL teams. I'm a Lions fan, not sure why some days.. lol... but I still support them regardless.

Anyway, feel free to talk trash if ya want... its all in good fun!

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Vikings win, in OT, 35 yd. FG by Longwell, who else? But, as far as the replays go I've seen, Camarillo made the play of the day, touchback via fumble when Favre got INT'd. Bad play in 1st quarter that almost came back to haunt the Mn. faithful. Now it's on to Lambeau.

Packers lost tonight, too bad, 21-13 under the Chargers, but it's still pre-season with alternative QB's in the mix, so go figure. I'm still rooting for the Pack! River's did good too, good QB.

I'm glad to have the NFL season approaching soon... tis my favorite time of the year. Pre-season does kind of suck as the games are somewhat meaningless although it does give the teams a chance to face a few other teams and get some things worked out. Opening night though isn't far away, hopefully the Lions will continue to improve and with any luck, be a contender in the near future.

the lions found a new way to lose yesterday when the usually dependable jason hanson strained his vulva and they put in some soccer player to take his place and he missed an extra point. made a impact cause they later lost in overtime. these guys are playing there hearts out this year but arent getting the brakes.
lions vs cowboys in a preview of thursday afternoon met today. lions got ahead and then decided to let the cowboys dominate the second half. green bay spanked minnesota for those who look across the lake to root for a real team 31-3 today.

lions go against still strong new england on turkey day for there next loss. it looks like there throwing the lions to the LIONS in patriot clothing this holiday.
Yay Green Bay Cheeseheads, I can go either way when those two teams play, but still want Chicago Bears out of 1st place, and GB gets the nod from me in this one, and to think, the Vikings were at home this time. Now it's questionable if Favre will start next time around? Naw, I will have to see that to believe it!

Nice to see the Lions not only break that long road loosing streak but also be on a little bit of a winning streak now too... been a long time coming. Really hoping that they are finally starting to turn the corner and will be a respectable team in the near future. They have been so close in so many games this year, it hasn't been funny... of course they probably would of won a few more if not for some totally bad calls like the one at the end of the first game of the season. They have a decent shot at winning the last 2 games which if they did, I'd be quite happy. A few more good draft picks like they been doing and some more good trades and off season free agent pick ups and they have some real potential. Now if they can just keep the QB's healthy will be the big question... all 3 are dealing with painful injuries, Hill with the broken finger on his throwing hand, Stafford with the dislocated shoulder on his throwing arm and just today I read that Stanton also has a separated shoulder except his is on his non-throwing arm.. not real sure who they are going to start this weekend.

if your a lions fan your hoping for that 18 game season there thinking about for this year.  3 in a row made me think back to the 90s but I guess they did the same in 2007.  faugh im almost able to sit in front of my tv without the paper bag over my head this sunday i trow as they go for four.
Well, with any luck, us long suffering Lions fan might finally have something to look forward too. They were close in almost every game this season and were able to win the last 4 games of the season. Hopefully this is an indication that they are headed in the right direction finally. Another good draft and off season pick ups and they have a great shot at making the playoffs next season. I wish I could of made it to a game this season as I had planned to do... hopefully next year I will be able to make a game again.
After the New Year's Eve Massacre of the MSU and UofM football teams, the Lions gave us around here who are loyal to their state football teams something to cheer about late in the season.  A 6-10 season would be a disaster for many NFL areas, but fills current Lion's fans heads with visions of Super Bowls to come.
Meanwhile, while the Lions fans are licking their wounds and hoping again, the GB Packers have beat the Division winners and second seeded Bears yesterday. They now clinch a Wild Card playoff against the Eagles next Sunday. Go Packers, get um, get um good. And go on to win some more offseason challenges. (Hope Vick is Cold, and Rodgers remains hot).
Anyone got picks for this year's Super Bowl. I'm thinking NE Pats, and the Steelers may make it this time.


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