DNR told me a few years ago it is legal to shoot to kill them.  There is an overabundance of them here too over in area north of 10 Branch & Sheridan townships. Hunting anyone?



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Masonco   I see Sara Schaefer does not know what she is talking about.   I think their is a open season on coyote year round.   I know several who call them and several who run them with dogs.   All you need is a small game permit to hunt them.
I understood DNR to say no permit is needed except a general hunt license. That's why I posted the article. I wondered about some things in it. Thank you.

Masonco I called the grand rapids press and left a message for the person who wrote the artical she better do more research before she writes something like this.   Typical news media now days.


Coyote Hunting Season:
Statewide July 15 - April 15
See Notes 1 and 2 below.
Residents possessing a valid
small game license may hunt coyote during the established season.

Note 1: Coyote may be taken on private property by a property owner or designee all year if they are doing or about to do damage on private property. A license or written permit is not needed.

Note 2: See
Nighttime Raccoon and Predator Hunting for specific regulations governing the hunting of these species at night.

These factoids gleaned (copied and pasted) from the MI DNR site: 


I've seen two this past year, both quite large, and both in Hamlin, one on my property quite shockingly. Given the length, 9 months, of the DNR designated open hunting season on Coyote's, it appears the State wants us to get rid of them. Is there a bounty or hide reward?  Masonco, have you seen them in packs, or just an occasional one here and there? And are they bothering or killing any of your pets/animals, or that of your neighbors of recent? Thanks for the information.

We can hear them howl at night. Lot's of howling out there so I know it is not just one. It is so eerie sounding. (Shiver) I've watched them chasing deer across my front yard. I no longer dare let my dog out alone but keep an eye on her.


I'm afraid they are getting to brave around people but then again when people were out in woods they said they did not see them.

JB Thank you for following through on that.

Their was never a coyote east of the Mississippi river before the 70's.   Now they are in Central Park in NY City.   They learn to adapt.   I had to laugh approx 6 years ago a lady from Branch wrote in the LDN that she was upset with Coyote hunters with dogs.   She was so wrong when she wrote about them.   She said  they was like the wolf pack's (family habits)   alpha male and alpha female.  It made me Laugh what she wrote. 
So are you saying there are no coyote around? I am not understanding you. I do know we here a lot of them howling at once and all nearby out there in the woods.

For some reason the rest of my post disappeared.


I asking because I don't know much about their habits. I've heard them howling as early as the early 90's when we were camping off Lanegar road (near Decker) Not sure if that's mason county or Lake county.


Where did the lady get her information? I am referring to the  one you mentioned years ago. Do you have information on habits of coyote in this area?


I don't have time to go to DNR's web site to get link, nor do I have time to google it since I should have been ready to get out the door 20 minutes ago.

Masonco all I know about their habits is from hunting them.  I just think she read a book or watched TV a artical on wolf's and put it on the coyote.   I know a male will travel over 15 miles to find a fine lady durring Feb.  The Dogs have chased them that far back to their home range.
15 miles? WOW
One of my coworkers just now posted a photo on Facebook of a coyote walking through his backyard in Brighton off I-96. We've had many problems with coyotes attacking and killing small domestic animals in this part of the state.


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