DNR told me a few years ago it is legal to shoot to kill them.  There is an overabundance of them here too over in area north of 10 Branch & Sheridan townships. Hunting anyone?



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Now Mary do you think they will not eat prime rib to them  well fed domestic cats and dogs.  They are a big problem to farmers and they mave moved into the city to get squirls. cats, and dogs.   Have had several people in Baldwin loose a puppy on a chain in the back yard, when they let them out.

I have a bigger 55# dog, you think one would attack her? If they average 25-40#? And again, are they being witnessed in packs, or just singly? I know packs of wild dogs and predators will attack almost any other animal in their way. Curious.
The ones I've heard about have acted alone. Apparently they are pretty stealth in attacking and grabbing their prey. By the time the owner hears anything, it's sometimes too late.
Aquaman   A large coyote is approx 45 pounds.   Most likely a male may just want to sweet talk her unless she does not want to fight or stand ground.  They are mostly not large pack hunters.  I would worry mory about the pack of wild dogs.
I'm a sucker for sad stories, J.B. I feel sad thinking about a helpless pup that can't defend himself.
Thanks for the info. guys, here's a couple of pics. from Dis's link too. Interesting subject, and possibly a new hunting experience to try.
Aquaman it is a lot of fun Several Dog hunters in this area.   They hunt north of custer every weekend.
Thanks JB, I just might try that on for size next September '11 for size. Let me know who and where. Btw, why would any male make a trek 15 miles in February to listen to a female, unless he was desperate and the weather was like Spring? JMO


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