So any local concerned citizen is welcome to come to District Court Monday the 25th at 9am to witness a local child pedophile fight his charge of working/living in a school zone.  This individual is wasting tax payers time and money for a jury trial just to avoid jail time.  He has been working AND living within a school zone since at least May of this year if not longer, and this is a clear violation of the MI sex offender laws.  Any support to get this monster put in jail and removed from this neighborhood would be greatly appreciated.  We don't need another incident like we just saw in the LDN this past week, we need to protect our kids and it needs to start NOW!!!! 

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Are you referring to Thomas Teague, the RSO living on Diana Street, that was previously discussed here at the Torch?

Nevertheless, what exactly is he trying to fight, because he is likely to lose, even if he's fighting the law itself as being somehow unconstitutional?

yes this is the one. he is fighting the charge of failure to comply with the sex offender registration laws - ie: the tax cab company that he works for (the one that he really owns) is located less than 3 blocks from franklin school, which is approx 750 ft away, which is less than 1000 ft away and according to the law a sex offender is not allowed to LIVE or WORK withing a 1000 ft of a school zone.

Here's his link on  It does seem like a clear waste of time and effort, if that's all he's disputing.  I may check it out. 

it wasnt just peeing in public, see below.................ugh

He is a child molester, he didn't just pee in public, give me a minute and I will let u know
Lewd acts with a child under the age of 14, look it up its on the MI sex offender list


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