Tomorrow the agenda of the Ludington City Council not only has the usual FOIA appeal of an improperly denied FOIA request by yours truly, but they should be going into closed session to discuss the status of what is called the McAdam's Lawsuit with the City of Ludington with their non-City Attorney Allan Vander Laan  (Item 9b). 


What is the McAdam's lawsuit?  At this point I can only make an educated guess, but I believe it more than likely involves the owner of Michael's on the Avenue Sue McAdams and what happened early in the summer of 2010 when the "Girls Gone Wild" bus came into Ludington, and the local officials, in particular, LPD Police Chief Mark Barnett, went... wild. 


Here is an article from the local newspaper that is so friendly to the Ludington City Hallers that it is now affectionately called the City of Ludington Daily News or COLDNews by those in the know. 


"...an appearance Thursday by the Girls Gone Wild bus drew many viewers, at least a few protesters and prompted what appears to have been a parking blockade that limited where the bus could park.

The visit, part of a promotion at Michael’s Bar and Grille in downtown Ludington, also prompted city officials to gather and review with its attorney, Richard Wilson of Gockerman, Wilson, Saylor and Hesslund of Manistee, what, if anything, could or should be done about what was billed as a “bikini party.” ... Michael’s owner Sue McAdam Thurday afternoon told the Daily News, “My intentions are good. I have no intentions of demoralizing our community. I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with it.”

Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett met with the bus crew prior to the show while it was parked at the Holiday Inn, where the crew stayed overnight,

He said he told them, “I would like to see an event where no girls were being filmed in the bus and no girls were taken to the bus and they lived up to that, and kept their promise that they wouldn’t take any girls to the bus and they wouldn’t film on the bus,” he said....

“I am not condoning what Girls Gone Wild does and I’m not promoting that,”  she (McAdam) said.

“I didn’t realize it was that big of a deal,” she continued. She said it was a business decision following a financially difficult winter. She said the establishment is behind on its taxes and is trying to get back to even.

“We won’t have them back. I apologize, but it was a business decision. What’s the big deal?”


Reader's comment at the bottom of the article go both ways, but one of the poster's "Sherry" says something that may have become reality:  "The people on the ggw bus did NOT break the law. The people at the bar did NOT break the law. The people from the churches, they DID break the law. The chief of police, He DID break the law. The article in the paper said the leaders of this town conferred with their lawyer before taking action. I think the bar owners should confer with their lawyers cause they have a lawsuit against the city. And they will win..." 


With a variety of actions done by the City of Ludington to suppress the expression of free speech, started by Chief Barnett supported by the Manistee-based City Attorneys and other City Hallers who should know better (where have I heard this story before?) their questionable actions bespeak a germination of a lawsuit by Sue McAdams on this aspect alone.  I will do some more research, and get back to this thread on the specifics I uncover, and would appreciate any more factual information supplied by anyone who knows anything about this lawsuit to be disseminated to the public at large on this website.  As far as the COLDNews, they have reported nothing to the public as of yet, not even in discussing what is scheduled to happen at the City Council meeting tomorrow when this is scheduled to go into closed session. 

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OMFingG, what a bunch of bullies, heck a bunch of training or not wouldn't have mattered here, these so called servers and protectors are nothing but a bunch of over testosteroned jerks.

So they all left after the incident ?

Side note on Davila and the continuing sheriff election sagas, is that Davila, who was allegedly assaulted by Martin Schilling's son, deployed his taser on the son in his encounter with him in February 2008.  One could second guess Davila's decision to use the Taser so early in the encounter with him.  I won't, but I do think it might have escalated the events that happened that day. 


XLFD - if I was in this situation on above reports I would have used the taser on Shilling also - this tyor of situation is what the taser is made and used for, the McAdams case, not so much....Shilling is lucky he didnt get shot first - if no taser was available this probably would of happened - the officer perceived Shilling as a threat, who knows if he had a weapon on him - but he was advancing on the officer and didnt stop - officer had every right to use taser or OC spray....look on Taser INt website

again Johanna your info is WRONG!!! Wilson STILL works for MCSO as a road patrol officer and Wamuskerken is a marine officer........

And Cole was NOT the officer that responded to the Tarra incident.............get your shit straight!!!

Saves money not updating things ya know

LOL whats the matter u can dish it out but you cant take it Johanna?? too funny!! lol AND the website does not list who is a road patrol officer and who is not - it only lists the C/O's so who ever told you that Wilson no longer works here, is wrong - like always - your contacts are WRONG, and it seems all my info that I have brought here so far has been RIGHT - hehehehhe

no -there again you are WRONG!!! Brian may have provided the proof but I broke the information about a lawsuit involving LPD and MSCO involving tazser, i spoke of this lawsuit when Fiers lost the primary, shall I go back and find that for you? and that the lawsuit was being heard in GR ---- I supplied the info, Brian just got the proof to SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!

Under my discussion from early August - "Ok here it is............" was the title of my discussion and this is what I had stated:

     And another thing with training, the C/O's and the road patrol are trained to use the tazer (well if they want to be able to carry it they have to be trained)  In order for Tazer International to back up the employee or the county (if there was ever a law suit over the use of the tazer) The employees need to be recertified EVERY YEAR.  Well seems as though this didn't happen - AND guess what? the county AND LPD are now involved in a lawsuit that is in a court down in GR because of this.  Fiers knows that in order to be protected by Tazer International IF a lawsuit were to come about, that ALL carriers of the tazer need re-cert every year.  I wonder how much this mistake of Fiers is going to cost the COUNT???  Ya'll didn't know about this lawsuit did ya???? LOVE how the hide things from the little people


So Again Johanna, I have proved you wrong.....who was it the BROKE the news????  OMG this is too funny!! just admit you are wrong AGAIN!!! :)

What about the girls that work there?

Well , Jane. I think the LPD in extremely inept. NOBODY questioned or held when a dead body is found in the Marina....? really ...? A baby just disappears and NOTHING found....? unbelievable!

That's true, but at least the LPD has been very open in their investigations of those two incidents. 

Oh, that's right, they went against FOIA law and precedent in denying the dissemination of any record of those investigations, when most all should be available. 

The Ludington Police Department, and the latest McAdam lawsuit seems to better confirm it, is the closest thing we have in these parts to organized crime.  Chief Barnett is even looking and sounding like Marlon Brando.


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