At tonight's Scottville City Council meeting, I silently held this 12" X 18" sign at forehead level when the meeting started. It reflects part of the Scottville City Charter, section 7.6 and nothing else.
Mayor Marcy Spencer ordered me to put it down. I politely refused; the police chief then echoed that order, threatening with removing me from the meeting for 'creating a disturbance'. I reminded him I was not the one creating the disturbance, city officials were. I ultimately put the sign down behind my seat rather than be thrown out.
That wasn't good enough, I was escorted out of the meeting for quietly holding a sign that reflected what the city charter says, then putting it down behind my seat. Officials stood mute while this happened.
How much more proof does anybody need that the City of Scottville is totally corrupt, when they take offense at the words from the charter they have sworn to uphold?
Once again they barred public comment until the very end of the meeting. I asked my police escort whether I could talk if I left my sign outdoors, I was denied that right by Chief Murphy.

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Comment by Willy on May 4, 2021 at 1:41pm

Shame on Scottville's leaders.

Comment by XLFD on May 4, 2021 at 7:32am

You know you're making progress in showing what a bunch of tin gods are in charge of Scottville when you take a non-controversial, inoffensive sign like this with four lines of a Scottville city charter section and get thrown out of a meeting for being quietly seated and putting it on the ground behind your chair at a meeting.  I have yet to be told what rule I broke, I do know that the clowncil once again broke section 7.6 of their charter.

Comment by Freedom Seeker on May 3, 2021 at 9:27pm

You, XLFD, are a rabble-rouser.  These cities (Ludington and Scottville) would like to carry on with their dishonest, unlawful denial of citizens' rights.  Rights to free speech, rights to Freedom of Information (of our government) and rights to know what our elected and public servants are doing.  Keep it up, cool idea of the sign!  

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