March 24, 2014 - Better Late Than Never

I just caught the Daily's date on the City Council Meeting with Barnett, bashing Tom, er, "Rotta."  I like the comment posted there from the Michigan Lake fan.  I'm just thinking that if indeed there is, or has ever been, name-calling toward Mr. Barnett, that, that could and should certainly be curbed.  What's the point of creating any more distractions than he needs?  At least, being respectful leaves him without an excuse to divert his attention from where it needs to be - like, solving murder mysteries occurring in tourist-town-ludington.  But we know how common it is, at all levels of life, where people invent scenarios to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, so.. well, there he is again.. Barnett, I mean.    Anyway, I wanted to remind you that this is the second year of 31-year-old Ludington resident, Bob Ford's murder (resident of Glenview Apartments).. a murder that Barnett grossly disregarded.  Bob Ford, nor what happened to him, will not be forgotten of course.  Sweeping any problem under a pretentious invisible rug always trips any of us up, especially police officers, er, I mean, "safety officers."   I'm just trying to figure out why they can't stick to working at fulfilling their oath of office.  Hey - maybe we should get on the ballot a change to vote officers into office. hm. 

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Comment by Nikki Forbes on July 4, 2015 at 8:56pm

And, Jasper - well, what can we say, but that Melissa and Darlene, etc., should all have been four months old.  The victim's families would have been guaranteed an accused.  C'mon, folks - stay focused.  Change is up to us, period.  It's not enough to bark.  There has to be a collective effort to move change into action.  The question will always be, how badly do you want what changes to happen?   What's your vision?  Whatever your vision, that's what you'll have.

Comment by Nikki Forbes on July 4, 2015 at 8:44pm

Yes, XLFD!   And so where are Ludington voices - citizen's voices amidst all that lauding and applauding while real issues are ignored?   In Social Work, it's called, "group-think."  Group-think can happen anywhere (you see it more vividly in school bullying scenarios), but when not checked (where "leaders" directions are not in line with principle and people follow like sheep - for fear they'll lose their job, or for fear they won't be liked) - then it leads to bigger and worser things like holocausts or any other imbalance of power.  Definitely dangerous for the masses.  So, glad you're here.  But if people don't speak up and voice dissent to the disregard, nothing is going to change.  So, what about getting the option on the ballot to vote for including police officers as elected officials?    It would at least prevent the smugness.

Comment by Jasper on July 4, 2015 at 4:21pm

The murder of Melissa Simmons, and Darlene Luttrell are also unsolved in Mason County.  

Comment by XLFD on July 4, 2015 at 10:37am

The LPD's investigations into our area's questionable deaths and disappearances have not been very professionally done or transparent.  Facts uncovered from the Chloe Stoudt/James Belanger murder/'suicide' never added up, the death of Lingyan Zou at the city marina had several facts pointing away from the suicide it was deemed to be, Bob Ford's 'natural death' with unnatural circumstances is definitely suspicious, and most notoriously the Baby Kate investigation which has been botched throughout and whose records are still off-limits to those who want to seriously investigate further.  Quite a negative record of achievement-- these are the LPD's legacy of achievement.

With all that going on how he found the time to prepare over a four minute diatribe against a citizen questioning the legality of his unlawful gang of reserve officers is commendable, as noted on in  the LT March 24, 2014 meeting recap, which includes video and other local media's take on the chief's words and my words.  For even though his and Fire Chief Funk's six minutes of avoiding public policy issues just to launch personal vitriol against a citizen have no business being mouthed at a council meeting, this was roundly applauded by his fellow officials, and lauded by the area's media the next day. 

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